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March 20th 2013
Published: March 30th 2013
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SO! I've totally forgotten to mention a few things.

First off, me Monique, Josh Katie and Julia all went to this 24 hour cafe at like 2 am one morning because we were all super bored and didn't want to go to bed! Welcome to college haha. Poor Josh was sooo tired but he came anyway. We had a lot of fun and the owners probably thought we were so drunk but we were all completely sober, just overly tired, so super loud. I had a fabulous thickshake (milkshake)which was strawberry falvoured. Everyone else got food, but I wasn't that hungry and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep if I had that much food in my stomach.

Cold Rock is basically exactly like Cold Stone and one of the clubs that I joined gives you discounts on topings and it also gives you a discount on tuesdays. Two for one. So me Monique, julia, josh, jess Pondi and Katie all went to cold rock on a tuesday for some ice cream. they have similar mix ins to home but they have these cookies here tim tams which i don't know if they have at home but I put them in my sundae and it was delicious. When Katie and I were talking about how similar it is to Cold Stone people kept laughing because they just thought that I was remembering the name of the place wrong, they didn't believe that we actually had the same thing by a slightly different name.

Giving of the Shirts is a big event that the group Juggernaughts have on campus, you have to buy a shirt and that counts as your entry ticket into the club and there are wicked cheap drinks and then they have their own special juggers drink called juggers juice that everyone votes on, this year it has midori, pineapple juice, peach schnapps, vodka and lemonade in it. There was a lot of pre drinking going on, I got out of class at 4 and there were already a bunch of people who had just started predrinking and those people who were already drunk and were waiting for dinner to sober them up before they could start again. I hung out at the balcony for a while, not drinking and just chilling with everyone there until I finally went over to my unit to chill out before going to caf. After caf we all put on our shirts and went outside for some drinks, I only had a glass of wine. The night before though I had to fix my shirt because it was a little too small for me and I would rather be dancing in a bigger shirt. So I went over to kmart and bought some needle, thread and a black tshirt. The juggers shirt is white so I thought I'd add some black stripes up the side. at first I wasn't too thrilled with the way it came out but then it grew on me, plus I couldn't be too hard on myself seeing as how I did have to hand sew it without even having proper scissors, I only had the ones that came in my nail kit. Anyway, once I walked outside with my awesome shirt on, everyone kept complimenting me on it which was really nice. They were all upset that everyone was going to be wearing the same thing but they especially liked that I turned mine into a singlet so they all started cutting their sleeves off.

A bunch of the people from the other units started heading down to ours because we are just so awesome. We ended up having beer bong entry to get in which I thought was a little silly, but thats the American in me, they all thought it was fine. They kept trying to make me do one but I kept saying no until they finally gave up. It was a while until we finally got to the bar, I took the first bus but everyone else was too slow and missed it so they all got there a half hour later than I did so I just found some new people to dance with. There weren't that many people there yet so I could easily find my friends. One persson that I met was so amazed that I was from RI and "knew" Peter that he kept telling everyone he knew, he dragged me along to meet some of his other friends and was like she knows Peter!! and I was like, yeah, I'm gunna go dance....

Finally Katie and Julia and the rest of the people from my unit arrived so I kept dancing with them. Shannon wasn't having a good night though so we ended up not staying too long. I was gunna go home with Shannon so she wouldn't have to pay for a taxi by herself and then when I was telling Julia I was leaving she was like take me with you! Our friend Imi did the same thing so we filled a taxi and didn't have to pay an extra $5 a person 😊 Weirdest thing, they go by the amount of time here for taxis, not the amount of mileage so the meter keeps running if you get stopped at a red light.

I was gunna go check on my friend Josh who was really drunk and sick, but Mon said that he didn't want anyone to see him like that so Shannon and I just hung out and watched tv for a while and helped out a girl in the unit who was spewing until about 230 when we decided to go to sleep, I was still kinda awake though so I skyped with my mom until I got a facebook notification asking if anyone was awake in the unit and could let them in because he left his keys here so he wouldn't lose them....kinda smart but also pretty silly (funniest part is, some girl from our unit ended up losing her key at the club) Anyway, by the time I let him in, others started to arrive so I stayed with them and heard their stories. When you have a bunch of drunk people around things just kind of happen so here are some highlights from the 4 am adventure: (dont read if eating) food fight with frozen vegetable stir fry, matress surfing down the stairs, and pouring a cooler full of vom down the shower drain and using the vacuum hose to try to push the chunks down.

I feel as though these stories are not nearly as fun as the previous ones that I've had, but for right now, I'm just a uni kid, I haven't really had any great adventures in Australia so you get the standard uni kid stories. Although, they may not seem funny, they are quite comical when you are the only sober one in a house full of drunk people.


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