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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong March 1st 2007

We took Melbourne’s pretty impressive public transport into the city, and were completely surprised by what we saw. Melbourne is just like Sydney, not the clearly inferior little sister that we and most of the rest of the world think it is. Helped by the sunshine, we left with a very positive impression of the place and wished galore that we could work out a way of staying here until the Grand Prix in a couple of weeks’ time. We went up to the observation deck of the ‘tallest office block in the southern hemisphere’, and were rather taken aback by the view of the clearly taller office block almost next door. Either it’s only recently lost its title and been slow to adjust the signs, or (more likely) it’s another example of semantics at work ... read more
Members of 'The Worlds Federation of Great Towers'
One for the Africa lot!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong February 4th 2007

Today i'm writing a quick note to say that our long awaited holiday has come. almost everything is done. And its a matter of waiting few hours.. Our flight is in few more hours. (It sucks that its at midnight.. but we make this an opportunity to sleep) Anyway hope to write soon again. And it will be from a foreign soil. Not sure how the internet connection there will be. But i'll try my best. until then take care. Ciao from Australia Wathsi and Matt... read more
starting to pack
finished... finally

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong January 30th 2007

Hello again. mm dont know where to start from. Everythings is happening very fast. My dog was picked up today in the morning. His flight is at midnight tonight. He will be in sri lanka within 2 days. House feels a bit empty without him... I miss him :((. I am a bit worried about him too. I dont know how he's gonna go in there. Hopefully my dad will keep an good eye on him. The main highlight of the last few days was cleaning the house. But not finished yet. We still have to finish weeding in the backyard which Matt will do tomorrow as he has a day off tomorrow. We are pretty much sttled otherwise exept washing my clothes which is still to be packed. In our last entry i mentioned about ... read more
About to leave home for the big trip.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong January 21st 2007

Hi folks, we are now settled in with John and Margaret. This morning Bob and I finished working out what we wanted to do whilst over in Victoria and now have a full list of things to do for the rest of the time we are here. Today was another wet day, we did have some warm sunny spells but certainly not anything to be able to enjoy! I drove us all (Bob and I have been put on John's car insurance so that we can drive around and visit what we want whilst over here) up to the Dandenong Ranges and on to Olinda State Forest where we walked through the beautiful fern glades and where we saw the Kookaburra and lovely vivid coloured parrots. We also walked up to Olinda Falls and although the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong January 19th 2007

Hello everyone. It has been nearly 2 weeks since our last entry. And yeah last 2 weeks were hectic with planing. The whole house is a mess. We bought luggages as I mentioned. But nothings packed yet. Main remark of the last two weeks was getting my little doggy "foxy master" ready for the trip. I know I forgot to mention you last time that we are organising him to go to sri lanka. All most all his vaccinatins are done except one which will be done in 4 days. Then he will be leaving here on 31st of january. We finished booking all the hotels. These days we are trying to hunt down a proper map of kuala lumpur. We have visited the local library and also got some usefull books from there. But none ... read more
Our dear dog foxy master getting ready for his trip
Matt on a rainy melbourne morning. Travel books are lying on the floor near the bed

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong January 11th 2007

Hola! Hope you all are doing well. Pictures from previous “blogs” are up and more are on their way…. I will tell you a little bit about one of the most interesting and coolest days (Saturday, Jan. 6th) I have ever had. The study abroad group loaded up on a Greyhound bus at 8am and headed out on an all-day adventure. The bus took us through the Dandendong Ranges which is a very lush-green terrain, rich with wild ferns and sizeable lakes in the suburbs of Eastern Melbourne. The Ranges were beautiful even though Australia (and Melbourne specifically) is having one of the worst droughts in the country’s history. We stopped at the Dandendong Ranges National Park, where the bus driver prepared us breakfast consisting of coffee/tea, sweet cakes and crackers and Vegemite. Vegemite is this ... read more
Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong January 7th 2007

Helloo everyone.. Welcome to our travel blog.. I know this is a bit too early to write an entry as we plan to travel fist week of february...But still im too excited about the whole thing.. WE are starting to clean our whole house little by little.. And also we have to buy new luggages for the trip as well. This time I think we r gonna have the full weight.. I know this sounds like a bit of a stupid idea but considering the amount of places we have to visit in sri lanka we thought it would be wise to pack fair amount of clothes.. As for our route map, it is very simple. I wish it was bit more complicated. becuase that means that we are travelling to many places.. But we have ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong November 6th 2006

Day 7 of our trip - exploring the Dandenong. As the designated Road Trip Navigator, the only way I could do my job properly is if I have the proper maps. We stopped over at a shopping village to buy a refidex (map book of Victoria) on our way to Lilydale where we booked our accommodation for the night. Inside the shopping centre, I was surprised and amazed to see little cute bunnies in the pet store. Rabbits are banned in Queensland (QLD) as they are classified as pest. I guess this law does not apply in Victoria. Queensland is very strict when it comes to protecting its agricultural industry. Another example is banning the importation of bananas from other countries since the cyclone disaster hit Innisfail and all other QLD banana plantations in an attempt ... read more
Australian Tree
Taverner York on Lilydale
Possum Tree House

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong September 22nd 2006

we now have a connection from the lap top. yesterday we went and selected a four wheel drive campervan, i have recieved your emails having trouble replying individually, thank you chloe for the map of australia now we shall know where we are ,a map and cards are on the way to you. we pic k up the camper next week we will take its photo, for you girls out there the interior cushions are pink and grey, nice cooker and fridge. we have storage for 42 litres of water and it does 600 kilometers when the fuel tanks are full. I don't know how big they are , but as they would say over here shes a little beaut.Good luck linda on the dog training , first you will have to train dodgy , then ... read more

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