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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong March 22nd 2010

Around Victoria We have now returned to the mainland Australia and settled at the naturist club Helios in the Dandenongs. On being urged not to leave Victoria without visiting their most popular national park we succumbed and drove for three hours to Wilson's Promentary, a projection into the Bass Straight which used to be connected to Tasmania before the last ice age. And it looks a bit like Tassie with huge granite exposed rocks all over the place. It is a little remote as it takes another thirty kilometres to get to the campsite from the edge of the park. Once there we found it easy to follow a number of walks with tremendous views of the sea and hills with beaches almost deserted as usual. We managed two nights before we returned to Helios. And ... read more
A Possum in the ladies loo
One burnt tree at Kiinglake
One of the inscriptions

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong December 9th 2009

We completed the golf course and now proudly own certificates with our names and scores on them (Margaret: 176, Barry: 144) The last two holes actually had some grass on the fairways! We drove down the Eyre Peninsula, keeping close to the sea, stopping at Streaky Bay for lunch. Originally we had intended to stay here but we needed to push on as we had wasted a bit of time golfing. Just south, at Point Labatt, along a very rough gravel road, we stopped to view the sea lion colony from the top of the cliff. These Australian Sea lions are quite rare and this is the largest colony on mainland Australia. We drove along a scenic cliff top road, complete with strange and varied sculptures and stopped at a lovely little site, right by the ... read more
Last Sunset
Elliston Sculpture 1
Elliston Sculpture 2

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong February 23rd 2009

So, my mother told me that everything about my time in Melbourne has sounded "perfect", and though it may sound corny, I'm just going to have to agree. I actually had to stop myself from using the word perfect too much this weekend, because I didn't want to cheapen it. But it quickly became our weekend theme, and thankfully it lived up to just that. Wednesday night started with another trip to the Queen Victoria Market. I finally met up with Christina, who is another Michigan medical student doing a rotation at a different hospital in Heidelberg, which is about a 15 minute train ride from Melbourne. We were joined by the remainder of the UK contingent who were leaving for Adelaide the next day. So we had dinner and drinks at the market and then ... read more
Yarra River - Night
My Gracious Hosts

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong December 26th 2008

Well, I have just spent about 10 days in Dandenong and Melbourne. Here's what I got up to, sorry it's not too detailed: Tuesday: Relaxing day, popped to the shops with my great aunt and uncle and just chilled out Wednesday: The Neighbours Tour! I went to the cul-de-sac where it is filmed, saw some of the outdoor sets and got to meet an actress I just about remembered. Probably a little over priced, but awesome nevertheless! Thursday: Christmas Day, we headed up to The Dandenong Hills for a fairly traditional Christmas meal, my biggest Christmas ever with 17 people, 5 of which were blood relations! Friday: Boxing Day, I'm afraid I watched Mamma Mia (3rd time in a month), Home Alone 3 and ate chocolate, exactly what Boxing Day is about! Saturday: I headed into ... read more
Grease Monkeys!
The Kennedy's

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong December 14th 2008

10th December 2008 - FINDING A CAMPSITE!! After leaving Melbourne we headed out on the beach road (brill scenic drive) towards Carrum. We were looking for a had been long enough!! It was a relatively short drive but we had real trouble finding a campsite. Unlike in the Outback, nothing was signposted from the road. After searching for a while in 3 towns we stopped and asked at a petrol station. The guy was useless but another customer in there was brilliant. She explained where to go and then gave us her brilliant heavy map book with every single road detailed on. How kind!!! After driving into 2 that had no vacancies we eventually found one and set up for the night. No cooker so that meant no pasta dinner...we had to settle for something ... read more
After De-Anting the Van!!!
Baby Deer!!!
Baby Goat!!!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong December 11th 2008

11/12/08 = The worst morning ever Didn't have a v.good night's sleep because legs were cramping all night - that was a bad start I suppose! But when I started to get my things together and get ready for the day....that's where it really went wrong... Got out of sleeping bag and saw a couple of ants crawl out from underneath it. Not nice, but could deal with that. Brushed them away and carried on. Moved bag to get shower stuff out and that's when I saw them...hundreds of them all crawling underneath my bag, right next to where I was sleeping. Screamed. Only thing I could do. Tried to move my bag and noticed that they were also crawling all over it. So many that it looked like the material was moving. Scream number 2. ... read more
Me and cute deer
A collection of cool Australian signs coming your way!
Just a brilliant combination.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong July 9th 2008

Hello all! Well just another update about what has been going on down under. Lately it has been cold and gray, a bit rainy, and windy. Lovely winter weather. I cannot wait much longer until summer, especially since it was just the 4th of July. Wish I could be back home on the lake this time of year, rather than holed up by the heater in my apartment. Well ususally the 4th of July means a 3 day weekend, but this year it was my 2nd day of work. I was brought in for a 2 day assignemnt for a company named Servier. I showed up for work the second day and they asked me if I would be interested in a differnt job, and they interviewed me later that afternoon. Well I now have a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong July 4th 2008

Finally! Picked up the trailer today. Am excited about heading off soon- hopefully by Sunday. Lots to do to get organised before then.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong July 4th 2008

Here it is - attached to the Pathfinder and ready to roll.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong October 11th 2007

As you can tell from my last entry I’ve taken liberty to be a little more open with my writing. I’m going out on a few limbs and not sure how it’s coming across. I tend to write and think this way a lot but never had the opportunity to express it. I have the feeling that you will open this up see how long it is and decide not to read any of it. So, if you find the next few entries a bit to long and abstract feel free to just look at the pictures they probably say things better than I can. I was looking back on my entries and realized I haven’t talked about work very much. If I haven’t talked to you personally while I’ve been here you probably think I’ve ... read more
Brighton Beach
Big House
Little House

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