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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Benalla July 2nd 2014

We got a flight all the way down from Cairns to Melbourne and went to a small place called Benalla in order to view a Toyota Coaster Bus that we were interested in buying, sounds a bit mad flying all that way just to view a bus but we had seen it a month before we even flew to Australia and noticed that it was still available and upon calling the guy who had it, it turned out that he was an Aussie resident, not a backpacker and that he was also a mechanic. He had bough her in order to go fishing and to tow boats but his wife wanted something bigger, being a woman she got her way and he bought something bigger and so had no need to keep the bus, but was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Benalla March 24th 2014

We slept in a bit this morning and had a leisurely breakfast. Ray and Sandy popped by to say goodbye and then they were off. By the time we’d got things fixed up to leave and hooked up the van we noticed that there was a lot of activity around the entrance to the Showgrounds. We went over to investigate and saw that council workers were pouring tarmac onto the road across the entrance. There was no way we were getting out. We talked to the foreman who told us that they were repairing the road ready for the Show that was on the following weekend. Evidently many participants start arriving with horse floats and trucks a few days earlier so they had to get the job done now. He said they would be done in ... read more
Gliding Club of Victoria, Benalla
Gliding Club of Victoria, Benalla

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Benalla February 17th 2012

Tuesday 14th February was the day we decided to head for Benalla which is all of 60 kilometers away from Shepparton! The weather was good and in view of the shortness of the journey we were very casual in our preparations. We had been parked under a couple of leafy trees which provided a bit of shade during the day but Graham discovered that they also deposited a sticky substance onto the awning. He had to sponge it off before he could put the awning away but even so we were packed up and ready to go well before the 10:00am departure time. Having said that we actually left some time later as our neighbours, Barry and Wendy from Maroochydore, were very chatty and it was nearer 10:30 before we pulled away. Just across the road ... read more
Outside the Information Centre in Mansfield we found this 'scarred tree'
Another part of the display
Is this 'The Man From Snowy River'?

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Benalla December 16th 2011

Hi all Just a quick update. We've been pretty busy on the road for the last week, staying at Yamba, Tuncurry, Sydney, Wollongong, Jugiong and are now finally nearing Melbourne. We decided not to take the coast road on the way down from Sydney, other than visiting friends in Wollongong. We plan to return via the coast. We had an exciting journey through the mountains from Wollongong yesterday morning. The Macquarie Pass is so steep and windy for about 30km and we weren't sure if the car would manage the climb. Apart from that, the road is also very narrow in places and if any semi's came the other way we might have been stuck on the hairpin bends. I didn't like the thought of reversing the van down the mountain?? Luckily though we didn't meet ... read more
Bronwyn & Ross
Jugiong Campsite
Jugiong Village

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Benalla December 20th 2010

It was still cool when we awoke on Friday morning – there was a pleasant breeze but not a cloud in the sky. It was easy to pack up and we were on the road just after 9am. In this mainly arable area we were constantly seeing huge, slow moving harvesting machines on the road, sometimes two or three at a time and they often held us up. We also passed plenty of vineyards as we travelled south towards Jerilderie. Every road to Narranderah was closed so we wondered what the ongoing problem could be. Was it still flooding or had the roads been so badly damaged that they were in need of urgent repair? – we’ll have to try to find out. We stopped for a tea break at Jerilderie which is famous for the ... read more
The Post and Telegraph Office in Jerilderie
Graham enjoying his cup of tea
Tank in the park at Jerilderie

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Benalla December 17th 2010

Whilst we were checking into the Caravan Park at Bargara, the park from where we did our turtle watching trip, the young lady in reception asked Jan for her surname. She promptly typed Kettle into her computer system and said “Oh, I see you’ve stayed with us before”. “No" said Jan. “We’ve never been to Bargara before”. She turned to me and asked for my first name. “Graham” I replied. “So you have stayed with us before” she said somewhat belligerently before reading out an address in Benalla, Victoria from her computer system. I assured her that we’d never been to Bargara and we certainly didn’t live in Benalla and, though a little reluctantly, she eventually accepted that, incredible though it was, there must be two people with the same unusual name!! Later that day I ... read more
Getting to know each other
Jan and Adrienne
Ashley Park

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