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May 23rd 2011
Published: May 22nd 2011
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The MaverickThe MaverickThe Maverick

The beautiful beast. Minus the recent snorkel!
Less than a week to go! At this time next week Phil & I will be a Bec's & Bec's husband Chris' place in Essendon (yay) North, enjoying a coffee before trying to put some bucket seats in the Mav rather then the bench seat I have in the front at present. And also hooking my UHF up to the accessories rather than straight onto the battery but I haven't told Phil or Chris that one yet! We will also no doubt admire Chris' scars from his recent shoulder reconstruction & get pounced on by Knackers & Heidi.

I'm off to Canberra for a few days today which is a bit of a bugger, but I have Thursday off so hopefully I can get some stuff done (bottle the latest batch of home brew!) while the boys are putting in our solar hot water & PV panels. It looks like we'll get at least 4 cartons of home brew in up to a maximum of 7 if I take the latest batch. I'm a bit worried about it blowing up though. I can see Suz's look of "I told you so" if a bottle or two explodes :-)

I've bought myself a terrible DTB USB set up so I can try to catch some footy on the laptop while we are gone. So far my Chinese purchase has trouble picking up a signal in my house, let alone out in the sticks somewhere. Damn you cheap ebay purchase! At least they gave me a refund when I told them how ruccish their product is.

We also bought a self inflating mattress yesterday. Hopefully it works a little better than the foam one we have been using the last couple of years. I swear there is a dent in the earth from my shoulder after every trip we've had.

Must sign off now as there is work to be done. I'll get those photos of the beautiful truck up shortly.


25th May 2011

All set
sounds awesome Mick! hope it all goes well as you seem all set up and organised, but no doubt it won't all go to plan (things never do!) but you'll have some fun along the way figuring stuff out! Adventure of a lifetime!

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