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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Corinna February 7th 2010

First night in a swag and not bad, not bad at all. It had a mattress, which is luxurious when you've spent many nights with nothing but a thin sleeping bag between you and the hard ground, oh and a flap (technical word) so I could completely hide myself. Some people had complaints of claustrophobia because there's not much space in there but I was fine, coffin-wise. After tea and toast on the fire we all got our bags ready and took turns in the bathroom. I got talking to one of the Dutch girls from another trip who happened to have studied in the same department as me at King's College London. She was now working for a Dutch think tank in international relations in the Hague. Now, why aren't I doing that? It was ... read more
Savage River, Tarkine
Atop Mount Donaldson
Mount Donaldson trek

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