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September 25th 2014
Published: September 25th 2014
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What can I say, I've been down with the flu so I'm going to keep these things on my mind brief and to the point. Just don't want to forget the good things.

Australian Vocabulary (I am forgetting SO many):

Ta = Thank you

No Worries = It's all good

That's okay = You're welcome

Stubby = Beer bottle

Roo bar = bar on the car so that kangaroos bounce off

Mate = bro, buddy, pal

Serve = serving

Heaps = a lot, or really "That was heaps good"

No dramas = It's cool

Sheila = Australian female

Barbie = Barbeque

Biscuit = Cookie

In the OR:

Operating theatre = Operating room

Needle holder = Needle drive

Nibblers = Rongeurs

Artery clip = mosquito/snap

Pack = Lap

Bobblepin = Olive guide wire

Diathermy = Bovie electrocaudery


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