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September 15th 2014
Published: September 15th 2014
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This experience has literally FLOWN by. I know that I have a lot more travels ahead, but to think that I'll be saying goodbye to my little life in Adelaide in 10 days is crazy to me. Wow it has been great.

As is inevitable, once we start getting into the swing of things, life becomes much more routine and the blogs become less frequent. The past two weeks have been great. I am settling into life here. I am getting involved in some interesting cases and using my free time to live and love. I had the opportunity to check out the private sector at SportsMed in Adelaide. I had met a orthopaedic surgeon who works there through mutual friends. He has done multiple fellowships in oncology, arthroplasty, and pediatrics, and now is specializing in lower limb arthroplasty and arthroscopy. We did 7 cases and ended the day at 9:30pm. Big day. He is 60 years old and still learning new approaches and techniques, which is very inspiring. We did a metal-on-metal hip revision via an anterior approach and two hip arthroscopies. It was good to see how things worked in the private sector. A group of orthopaedic surgeons bought the facility and the adjacent hospital, so it is self-sustained. The turnover was wicked fast and the support staff was very motivated. We ended the day drinking far too much whisky and me wondering how the heck I was still going to be doing this when I was 60.

On Friday morning, I learned I passed my orthopaedic boards. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And did I ever properly celebrate. Ai and I went out on Friday and ended up dancing at a latin bar called Casablaba with some Austrian backpackers, and then made our way to the Duck and the Dog for more dancing and meeting of friends. Needless to say, Saturday was a bit slow going, but we ended the day meeting up with our veterinarian friends for extremely delicious cocktails and more dancing. It was a proper mixology bar, and many drinks were shaken, stirred, and lit on fire. We were going to head to a late night club, but instead Ai and I snuck into a wrap shop and got late night gyros. Much better call. Sunday was another beautiful day on the glenelg beach, where a seal had come to shore and was entertaining the crowds. We also caught our first "AFL" match, Port Adelaide vs. well... I can't remember. Haha. Port Adelaide won.

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AFL is quite an interesting sport. A mixture of rugby and American football. The men are true athletes and unbelievably tough. They wear no protective gear, and it is legal to tackle a player from any direction, whether or not they are holding the ball. Also, so I learned, the referees cannot kick anyone out of the game for reckless play or fouls. They can be penalized after the fact, but not during the game. The men "punt" (think of underhand serving a volley ball) or kick the ball down the field ultimately to go between the goalposts at the end of the field - the center slot gets 6 points and the side slots for 1 point. It's a very fast moving game. That day, the whole city mall was taken over by fans. A really fun thing to see.

My new friends here have been a true blessing. I am practically a boarder at Ai's place, which is a beautiful sunny serviced apartment in a boutique hotel in walkerville with a pool and wifi and grocery stores. Little luxuries which I miss. Also, the fellows and consultants have been great teachers and friends as well.

Last Friday, we went out to dinner with a mixed bag of lawyers and registrars. At one point, we looked around the table, and realized we had 7 countries represented - Philippines, America, Poland, Kenya, Belgium, France and India. That was pretty cool. Australia really is an expat country.

I have the first stage of my travels all set, as my friend Darren will be flying in and we will be hitting up Kangaroo Island, the Blue Mountains, and Sydney.

Until then, I am going to enjoy the last stretch of Adelaidian life!


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