Day 16 of the "A Camel!!! Well F*%k Me!!!" Tour 2012

Published: July 28th 2012
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Day 16

Cocklebiddy - Border Village - Bunda Cliffs - Nullarbor

Day 16 started out much similar to Day 15 but without any speeding fines! We woke up, took down our site and left Cocklebiddy. It was to be another day of getting towards South Australia.

The first place we stopped Madura Pass where we had a view of Roe Plains, basically nothingness. You could see for miles in front of us with nothing only barren land. We met a nice Aussie couple there who gave us a few tips where to get petrol and which lookouts where worth a look and which were a waste of time. We drove on.

Next place we stopped was Border Village. This was, again, just a roadhouse but it was right on the border of Western Australia and South Australia. There is a signpost there showing the distances from where we were to cities all over the world and also with a statue of a kangaroo called Rooey II. We had breakfast/lunch in the restaurant there and stayed awhile to watch a bit of the Olympics opening ceremony (We saw the tribute to British music, so probably the best bit). We then motored on again.

A few kilometres down the road we
Madura PassMadura PassMadura Pass

Looking out over the Roe Plains
turned off the road at a lookout. We had reached the Bunda Cliffs. Very similar to the cliff of Mohair at home they are a sight to behold. The Bunda Cliffs run for 200 km’s and we’ll be seeing more of them in the morning.

I should at this point I should explain that, way, way back the road Cole had said to me that there was a sign saying watch out for Camels! I, of course, didn’t believe him as I was of the belief that Camels were not to be found in Australia. After that, Cole would periodically point out a sign saying watch out for Camels, so I (and Coley) was mad to see a camel in the wild. We did so, unfortunately though it was roadkill and and not only did we see one we saw 3, all dead at the same spot! We got out for a photo and Colman to his credit got the photos as I was found behind the car all but throwing up with the smell of the yokes!

Back in the car and feeling better we got to the next lookout for the Bunda Ciffs and it was unreal. At the first lookout you could only see one cliff but at our new vantage point we could see miles down the coast and of course plenty photos were taken here again!

We moved on again and settled in the Nullarbor Roadhouse for the night where I’m writing this from now! We also changed time-zones twice today so don’t have a clue of what time any of these things happened today!

Hon Kilbrittain!

Additional photos below
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Dead CamelDead Camel
Dead Camel

I am now a believer!
Me Getting SickMe Getting Sick
Me Getting Sick

Thanks Coley!

29th July 2012

What a blog!
Hi Brian, Heard from your mother yesterday that you were on the road again and that I should catch up with you. Spent the last hour reading your account of the trip from Perth which will be very beneficial to us in December. We did 1,000 miles in three days on our trip around New Zealand. You really do need plenty of time to stop and get the feel of each place you visit. Ye are really doing it the proper way. Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of the trip.

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