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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain September 28th 2016

Been a few days since i fired up the old laptop (or is it 'notebook' – I'll ask one of the young 'uns). Well. Emus. Bugger me there are a stack of these buggers at Coffin Bay, in fact, you heard it here first, Emu capital of the world. Dad and Pia opted to have a 'lazy day' and stay in Coffin Bay township, which actually ended up being a big walk around the bay and some other messing about. This meant that my little family decided to explore the penninsula by way of the old Mav. We saw so many Emus that the kids didn't bother mentioning it by halfway through the day. And good timing for us too as their were heaps of little chicks running about. Very cute little things being looked after ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain April 8th 2016

Straight roads can be interesting........ Yalata is an Aboriginal Reserve and Lutheran Mission owned by the South Australian Government but controlled by the Lutheran Church of Australia. The Aboriginals of the Pintantjarra. We departed our overnight camp site at 0800hrs and a very cool 4 degrees Celsius, a short 5km drive to Yalata with the sun beginning to warm the earth With the large 80 meter cliffs running 200km on one side of the road and the small shrub bush plains as far as the eye can see on the other side of the road, the drive went quick. Lots of photo opportunities and amazing views of The Great at Australian Bight. 0940hrs we took in the views of the Great Australian Bight from the Centre of The Great Australian Bight. Amazing cliff escarpment with load ... read more
Nullarbor Plains- Eyre Hwy
Watch out for these creatures on the Erye Hwy

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain April 7th 2016

Straight roads. White grain silos, white sand dunes, jettys and cliff escarpments now span the country side. After a night in the 2 and a half star Port Kenny caravan park, we set out early. 0830hrs and already several large kangaroos on the road. Light rain falling. The kids focusing on their journals and school work between towns and places of interest. Billy making a documentary with the video camera, with myself filming most of the adventure from the front seat off our Land Drover Discovery. We have many interesting places to see on the east end of the Nullarbour, The weather 11 degrees and drizzling rain, does not deter us from an adventure to Point Labatt Sea Lion and Fur Seal Colony, which is part of the Nuyts Archipelago Marine Park. We view from a ... read more
Point Labatt
Labatt Sea Lion and Fur Seal Colony

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain June 22nd 2015

These past two days have been primarily travelling days. Rob has driven just under 1200 k's. So not a lot to report. We had to leave our beautiful Lucky Bay yesterday morning without getting a chance to fish because it rained pretty heavily. We will go back one day, thats for sure. Its a place that just resonates in your soul. The drive has been interesting. Though the Nullarbor is somewhat tedious its an ever changing landscape. We had a fair bit of rain yesterday but the road was dead straight though so wasn't so bad. We passed heaps of inland salt lakes and salmon gums (called that because of the colour of their trunks). Norseman is the first main town on the Eyre Highway as you head east. It was 'interesting' but not a lot ... read more
Nullarbor journey
Nullarbor journey
Nullarbor journey

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain August 10th 2014

Pildappa Rock to The Head of Bight After a fantastic camp at Pildappa Rock we headed off for our last stop in Ceduna before seeing the Whales at Head of Bight (HOB). As much as we like Ceduna, all we wanted to do was fill up with fuel to ensure we could make the 700plus Klm round trip to HOB without filling up at Nullarbor Roadhouse at “Nullarbor” pricing. We will stay in Ceduna on our way back, so watch for the next Blog. 3 hours later we turn left off the Eyre Highway and through the gates to HOB, yep we are excited, the sign on the gate says there are 170 whales in the bay. 12 klm down the road we pull up in the carpark and head off to pay our entrance fee ... read more
Southern Right Whale

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain October 6th 2013

I left Adelaide and began the journey that would take me slightly north and then west across the bottom of Australia. It is a long way and I feared not for the car, but for my sanity. I had taken all of the correct precautions: I had made playlists of songs on my iPod, copied a multitude of books to my Kindle, made sure I had writing paper and pens, but I still didn't know how I would fare with several thousand kilometres of me and road. Would I meet others on the way? Would I begin to talk to myself (even more) and invent new personalities? Would I start referring to one of my possessions as Wilson? I did all of these things but the last, with mixed results, but it's fair to say looking ... read more
And still a long way to go...

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain August 14th 2013

Stopped the night at a place called Koonalda homestead. It is 10km off the main road in the middle of nowhere. We arrived as it was getting dark and it was pretty creepy. There was no one else there. It was too late to leave and find another spot or I think we would of done. Got up very early to leave. The old homestead was not as creepy in the morning. It was built on the old Eyre Highway and was abandoned when the new road was built. There are caves somewhere nearby where they got fresh water. Saw a dingo as we were leaving which we watched for ages it was massive. Found lots of wombat burrows which must be from hairy nosed wombats. Had to stop for bacon and eggs when we got ... read more
Road Trip 845
Road Trip 846
Road Trip 848

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain July 13th 2013

The routine continues, pack up, get in the car and drive, drive, drive. We sure are covering some kilometres this week! By mid afternoon we cross the magic line and are back on the home soil of South Australia. Goodbye WA, we sure have enjoyed our coastal tour and look forward to the next one already. We are getting closer but still have plenty more of the Nullarbor Plain to cover, so as the sun starts it decent we scope out for camp site on the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight. We speedily set up camp, light a campfire, eat dinner and then embark on a family uno challenge, signaling the end of another day and the last bush camp stay for the trip. We get up early, pack up and are on the road ... read more
SA Yippee
Last Bush Camp

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain April 25th 2013

Ok so the nullabor, the nice road trip across Australia from west to east along the bottom of the country in 6 days, where shall I begin!? Firstly we are doing this journey because good old Trev and Paddy are coming out to see us for 3 weeks to travel from Brisbane to Cairns so we plan to be near Brisbane for when they fly in, how nice of us hey, yeah I thought so too! So we are travelling in Tom and Jana's Vauxhall Holden Commodore, she's a beaut and she is also very loaded with all our stuff, the roof rack may aswell be another car on top but no need to worry hey, she'll be right! We set out on Friday 15th march and headed to Toms aunt and uncles Kim and Jims ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain March 4th 2013

On Fri 1st March we left Venus Bay and continued around the coast along Flinders Highway towards a place called Ceduna which marks the place where the Nullarbor starts. The Nullarbor is an infamous stretch of straight road from Ceduna in South Australia towards Perth in WA. It is nearly 2000km's long through a flat wilderness and crosses vast expanses of desert, bush and real dangerous terroritory including Aboriginal land where tourists and white people are not allowed to leave their vehicles. It means 'no trees' in Aborigini or Latin or something. Numerous people have gone missing in this area over the years. Statisitics show that 30,000 people a year go missing in Australia! It is a legendary stretch of road that most Aussies know about it but have never crossed it themselves. The night before ... read more
Shark nets around the swimming area
Fowler Bay
Fowler Bay sand dunes

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