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April 28th 2011
Published: April 28th 2011
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Well after being the first on the bus yesterday I was last off at The Seafront
resort. Unfortunately it was dark once we arrived so no idea what the scenery
was! I had dinner in the hotel restaurant with Craig and Diane a couple from Las Vegas. Really lovely and we swapped travel stories and discussed future travel plans. I think I turned in about 9pm exhausted from the 12 hour travels of K I !
So maybe I was overtired or maybe just over excited about what today may bring but I woke up at 4am!! Unable to get back to sleep I had text chats with Mum and Donna and Marky Mark. Luckily once it was time to get up and be down for breakfast the sun was coming up and I went along the boardwalk by the hotel to watch the sun come up. A quick brekkie of toast and a mini cinnamon whirl and we were off and on our way for all the hotel collections.
So, first stop today was Clifford's Honey Farm. We had some honey wine, saw some beeswax and the production side before going to the shop and tasting some truly delicious honey ice 10am! I am on holiday afterall. We arrived at the shop just after a group if Chinese travel agents and I've never seen people so mad for honey in my life! The shelves were nearly bare!
Next stop, Kelly Hill Caves...these caves reminded me of Carlsbad in the USA
with stalactites and stalacmites. The stairs into the cave were somewhat steep
but below ground with average temperatures of 15degrees it would be a haven on those hot summer days.
After the caves we went to KI Wilderness Retreat for lunch and it was stunning.
It reminded me a lot of Shamwari.
Once stuffed of hamburger and salad we went to Flinders Chase National Park to have a look at the vegetation and native wildlife and onto various lookout
points. Amazing thing here is the regrowth of the trees following a bush fire 3
years ago. Although not all that dense the trees have begun regrowth and
Within the NP there are numerous attractions including 2 stops Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.
Well the Remarkable Rocks from a distance reminded me of Devils Marbles but up close they were quite different. Natural erosion of the rocks - even one that
looked like a pigs face! We had a good look round the rocks and the wind from
the ocean really whipped round there.
Onto the Admirals Arch again naturally eroded rock into an archway but also a
haven for New Zealand Seals. There were plenty just basking on the rocks, some playing in rock pools or just in the ocean. The seal stench was present when u first walked down the boardwalk and u knew they were there before u even saw them!
A quick stop off at the visitors centre for a comfort stop and coffee and then
it was back on the road again on route to Kingscote the capital of KI for the
Pelican Feeding. After the feeding it was drop off time some to airport most to
the ferry and then back to Adelaide. Exhausted but very happy. What a trip.


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