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April 27th 2011
Published: April 28th 2011
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Happy Kangaroo island day!!
I was up at insane o'clock also known as 5am! I finished packing, stored my
large bags and took my overnight bag to wait for the bus. He arrived at 6am an
slightly tired I got on to find I was the first. After an hour of driving around
the city doing hotel collections we made it to the bus station to collect the
other passengers. We then made the 1 hr 45min drive to cape jervis where the
ferry was to leave from. After boarding I swiftly picked myself up a cuppa Rosie
Lee - was delicious drunk on the top deck. The sun hadn't been up for long but
it was lovely and warm and I took advantage of that as we made the 45min ferry journey. It wasn't exactly a mill pond but it wasn't choppy. I was sitting next to a young guy who had his stuff packed for an overnight stay. What struck me about him was his belongings were packed in what I can only describe as one of the thin White bin liners we use at work!! His colgate, toothbrush, shower gel and towel all clearly visible. Now we all know just how flamin awful they are and the slightest knock I could see all his stuff hitting the floor!
Anyway looking around the ferry I could see a lot of young travellers and was hopeful of meeting some new people...my hopes were short lived! After collecting my bags I made my way to the coaches and was directed to my tour bus...unfortunately for me the average age on my bus is 55-60! Bar 3 children all under 10 I'd say I'm in the minority!! Hilarious.
First stop Pennington bay a beautiful bay with crashing waves and beautiful
Coastline. Next stop eucalyptus distillery.
Well the distillery was amazing. The equipment wouldn't have looked out of place in the 1960's and some of which was probably first used then! The eucalyptus oils refined by hand and I made a cheeky purchase of some oils from there. What i didnt like about the place was 4 bloody mosquito bites in 30mins all on one arm!! Little shit.
Anyway after we made our way to our lunch destination. I was lucky enough be on the bus earlyish so had pole position behind our driver Dick. A nice man warm and portly. I noticed as we drove he acknowledged every car that travelled past us! Noice.
So lunch was at Vivonne Bay bistro. Was tomato soup which at 26 degrees I
thought strange but was delicious and beef sausage, chicken and salad. It was
most needed. Sat with some Aussie ladies Heather and Dot and a couple from Las Vegas, Diane and Craig swapping travel tails which was nice. After lunch was a bird of prey show;eagle, kookaburras and owl to name a few. I even had 2 kookaburras on my arm at once and have the scratches to prove it. Next stop, Seal Bay.
Wow what a place. Australian Seal Lions basking on the beach after 3 tiring days of hunting out at sea. Lots of baby pups on the beach too. Seal fact for u... Did u know the female seal is pregnant for 18months and once she gives birth will be pregnant again within 10days!! God bless her!!
Well the roads here are something else! You have a lovely normal road then
suddenly it becomes dirt track!
So, The 4th stop of the day was Parndana Wildlife Park. Here we saw numerous birds, stroked koalas, fed the kangaroos and held a baby Joey! This day is nearly as amazing as Taronga! Final stop is the sheep farm to watch some sheep milking and yoghurt and cheese tasting! Then off to the hotel. Boy. What a day, but I'd say my second best day since arriving!!


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