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August 25th 2014
Published: August 26th 2014
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Today poor Greg awoke with a head cold. Not to let this derail our travel plans he armed himself with a box of tissues and dosed himself on cold and flu medication and set about preparing to travel north again.

Our first challenge for the day was a nonstop 5km steady climb over the range. One of those times you can hear the engine guzzling the fuel.

Taking a brief detour to see ‘The Great Wall of China’ we used the opportunity for a coffee break. This rocky outcrop sitting atop the range really did look like its namesake … only in miniature.

Hoping for some fresh milk we stopped at the General Store in Blinman to be told they only stock ‘life-long’ milk. We already had some of that in the van, although it probably wasn’t quite ‘life’ long. We didn’t leave empty handed though as a locally made quandong pie took our fancy.

Too early for a beer at the pub, we headed out of town on the Parachilna Road towards Angorichina Village where we stayed in the caravan park at the back of the shop … and they had fresh milk even though the place was much smaller. Power to the village is via a large generator which is turned off daily between midnight and 7am. No phone or internet access. From our front door we had a stunning view of a steep mountain range.

Free of the caravan we drove through Parachilna Gorge as far as the Glass Gorge Road. How these Gorges all vary so much! The road was narrow and windy, appealing to Greg’s sense of adventure (despite his coldy disposition). Emus now dominated the visible fauna. Up hill and down dale we went then through the picturesque gorge. Once through the road became wider and flatter. Camping in the caravan a possibility if approached from the Blinman end?

Towards the late afternoon we took a short drive to a creek bed not far from the village. This was obviously a popular free camping site. Walking along the creek bed we noticed a couple of goats grazing in the distance. Looking up we saw a large group about 100+ metres up a sheer cliff face. And then another! We could hear them clattering across the scree slope as the rocks slid away under them. Occasionally larger boulders tumbled the full distance to the creek bed. We couldn’t quite believe our eyes.

Back at camp with the sun setting we had decided we were to be the sole occupants for the night when suddenly just on dark another caravan came roaring in. Crazy people to be travelling at dusk with so many emus and kangaroos out at this time of night. To add to their mysteriousness their van was the older style pop top which was obviously hard to set up as they didn’t bother, spending the night in what would have been very cramped conditions.

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26th August 2014
Angorichina Village is a strange collection of buildings sitting on their own little ridges.

Who lives here and can I join them?
26th August 2014
Feral goats on the cliff in Parachilna Gorge

Fresh milk !!!!!
27th August 2014
Feral goats on the cliff in Parachilna Gorge

Fresh milk
Ha, ha. That would have been a very big climb. Nanny or billy goat?
26th August 2014

Prickly pear?
Hope you ripped that wandering pear out! It's really nice, as always, following you on this trip, I trust the kitchen reno is doing its thing while you are away and you don't return to a kitchen not quite as planned

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