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August 20th 2014
Published: August 21st 2014
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We had a relaxed start to the morning after a three doona night. Definitely cold, so cold even your eyeballs felt chilly through the closed eyelids. Hence there was no time to waste as we emerged from the short but lovely hot shower. Being Wednesday Greg knocked up a hearty bacon and egg breakfast. Yum! By this time we couldn’t believe it was already 10am

Armed with our hiking gear we headed off from the caravan park to do the Clem Corner Trail. The sky was clear and the sun shone brightly, something we haven’t seen in a while. 2 1/2 hours later we arrived back at the van for lunch. The views along the trail had been stunning. No matter where you looked it was just beautiful. Even though the trails are very well marked we managed to lose our way on the final leg but the campsite was in view so a little cross country didn’t really matter.

A local repeater station gives Telstra phone and Internet access only in the camp kitchen so we spent a little time there before heading out to drive the 28 km scenic route that runs through Arkaba and Merna Mora Stations. Linking the Central Flinders Road with the Leigh Creek Road it is a gravel road that runs between the Arkaba Range and Wilpena Pound. No matter where you look you are surrounded by the most awesome mountains. Having had good rainfall the creeks have some water in them at times and the country side is green. The wild flowers are just beginning to bloom, adding a new dimension to the whole scenic picture.

The whole character of the mountains changes depending on the time of day, the weather and the direction you are driving so there was no problem just driving there and back. This is a ‘must’ drive for any visitors to this region.

Back at camp it was time to prepare the pork and to get it roasting in the Turbo oven. The result was a perfect roast with yummy, yummy crispy crackling. Even the neighbours told us that as they returned from their day out they could tell someone was roasting pork and they felt a little envious.

We have decided to stay another night before moving on to Wilpena Pound Caravan Park as there is so much to do and see here. The facilities are excellent and the views stunning so why move yet?

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21st August 2014

Stunning views
Im feeling a bit nostalgic when looking at your beautiful photos, its such a wonderful landscape where ever you look. Glad you're enjoying the break.
21st August 2014

Makes me think of Dad and Don Ide - they so loved it up here.
22nd August 2014

Dads mens trip to the Flinder
I have been remembering the slide nights that followed Dads trip. I can see why he took so many photos, it is just beautiful.
22nd August 2014
Start of trail at edge of caravan park

lucky people
Sounds wonderful, what a terrific idea to go while kitchen being done, wish I had done the same, never mind enjoy yourselves you are so lucky

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