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January 29th 2006
Published: January 29th 2006
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Delfin Island walk

Dan's injuryDan's injuryDan's injury

Last week Dan fell heavily on his wrist and had a 'bone buckle' that required a 'back slab' to immobilise his wrist for the next 2 weeks. Choose "Full Image" and use "Next" to view these images as a slide show.
This is another local walk that Dan and I did alone as Peter went off celebrating his birthday (again) by playing golf with visiting friends from the West Coast.

The walk was around West Lakes and over Delfin Island, a man-made housing development (circa 1975) constructed from the swamps of the Barker inlet. It is an easy walk, about 5.5 km, originally shown to us by Willy, and it would take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on the age of any children accompanying you. Most of the walk is around the lake, however private property means that you need to head into the streets at several places to make the journey. You can find out more about this area and the Port Adelaide waterways here "Urban Ecological Communities 3: The Barker Inlet-Port River Estuary" (pdf document).

The route map is helpful to view if you are considering doing this walk. The walk starts on Bower road, near the old Port Road turn off. There is a boat shed and car park on the Southern side of the road. Park here (BTW there are toilets on the southern side of the boat shed). From here you head back towards Bower road and over the water flow
The water flow controllerThe water flow controllerThe water flow controller

Used to minimise flooding in West Lakes
regulator. and then down to follow the lake along it's Western bank heading South. You can take this path until you get to the boat ramp (more toilets here) where you need to head inland until you get to Bartley Terrace. Turn left and after a few houses a lake-side reserve appears and the first footbridge. Take this bridge onto Delfin island. Head down the street to your right following the bikeway signs. Near the first bend in this street there is a small path to the lake (near house number 7). Take this and you will see a playground and a public reserve. Get onto the road on the other side of the playground and continuing heading south until the second footbridge appears. Cross this and leave Delfin Island on it's Eastern side. From here you head North, along streets and courts until you get to a public area. This lake-side path goes all the way back to the car park.

Dan was minus a back-pack due to his injury that has left him for the next 2 weeks in a 'back slab' on his left arm but he walked very well regardless. The weather was mild -
The path around the LakeThe path around the LakeThe path around the Lake

It is mostly sealed, but you can walk on sand in some places.
it was the first day in some time that hasn't been an absolute scorcher in Adelaide (too risky to head into the bush). We saw quite a bit of lake activity, with people kyaking, sailing, fishing, walking, riding, rock-throwing and swimming. There were birds - pelicans, plovers, piping shrikes, New Holland honey eaters, wattle birds and seagulls. The walk is very much a reminder of 1970's architecture. Fortunately it has underground power.

Dan says...

Well, I went on a walk around a lake today - and Dad wasn't there. We got to have a few snacks on the way - like birthday cake! - which was yummy. We went on a pretty big island - but nothing compared to New Zealand. There were streets on the island and some streets were closed off - so only the people who lived in that area went down those roads. I thought those boys were crazy when they jumped off the bridge - they couldn't be sure how deep the water was. So a nice (although unexpected) walk.

And now for this week's joke ...

Q: What do you get if you get caught stealling from a rhino?
A: You get charged 50 bucks. Ouch!

Additional photos below
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Boat rampBoat ramp
Boat ramp

Time to head down the street to Bartley Terrace.
Crossing the first footbridgeCrossing the first footbridge
Crossing the first footbridge

Heading onto Delfin Island
Sneaky pathSneaky path
Sneaky path

Next to house number 7
Playground by  the lakePlayground by  the lake
Playground by the lake

The path takes you back to a lake-side reserve with a playground
Dan and me on the see-sawDan and me on the see-saw
Dan and me on the see-saw

Do you need two hands to hold on?
The second footbridgeThe second footbridge
The second footbridge

To get off of Delfin Island

We saw boys jumping from the footbridge and swimming in the Lake
Golf clubGolf club
Golf club

After the foot bridge, you will see the Riverside golf club. Turn left and head North on the road.

A Pelican was on the lake

A memorial to Light's surveying of the area.

A man reeled in a fish while we were walking.
The birthday boyThe birthday boy
The birthday boy

Peter at his 40th at ChiChis on Gouger Street.

30th January 2006

sympathy on buckled bone
Hi dan, I was sorry t hear about your buckled bone but interested too as I've never known anyone to have such a condition. You look fairly comfortable with your arm in a sling. Will it limit it you when you go back to school?
1st February 2006

Great photo of Peter
I really enjoy the photos in your blog. Exploring SA is one of those things I promised myself but didn't get around to! Maybe on my next trip!!!!
2nd February 2006

Hi Helen
Thanks for your comment. Some things, like PE can be pretty tough. Dan

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