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January 15th 2006
Published: January 15th 2006
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Riding along the foreshore bike pathRiding along the foreshore bike pathRiding along the foreshore bike path

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Introduction ...

Instead of a Sunday walk this week to get our dose of 'serenity' we did a very pleasant 20 km bike ride from Semaphore to North Haven.

The path was very simple, we headed from our place down Hart street to the bike track on the Esplanade foreshore and headed North towards Outer Harbour. If you have bikes, you can catch the train from Adelaide to Glanville station (Outer Harbour line) and head down Semaphore Road and down to the jetty. From here you can join the bike path. A map of the bike path (number 5 in the series) is available.

What happened ...

The weather was fabulous; overcast, calm, with the temperature peaking only at 27°C.

At Semaphore we saw the Greek Festival in full flight (tents, music, hundreds of people, many smokey “lamb on a spit” gently turning), as well as sideshows (Gravitron, Cha-Cha, Dodgem cars etc), the miniature steam train (which runs on weekends during the school holidays from Semaphore to Fort Largs) and the historical Semaphore Palais (a large function centre built on the foreshore).

From Semaphore to Taperoo the bike path passes through the sand dunes. The unique plants which grow
Hart street ends at the beachHart street ends at the beachHart street ends at the beach

This is where we join the bike path
in sand dunes can be easily observed here. The section of the path after Largs has five wooden bridges which were built to allow safe animal traffic under the bike path. We cruised past Largs kiosk (a usual stopping place) and stopped briefly to look at some of the information poles that are interspersed along the bike path. We took a photo of the one that described the old boat that was used in 1880 as a floating prison for delinquent boys as a friend of ours wrote a book about it. A review of "The Hulk"

We had a routine stop on “Pig face hill” (the top of Strathfield Tce.). From here the path follows Lady Gowrie Drive past my old high school and into the up-market suburb of North Haven.

We had our picnic lunch by the marina at North Haven (much easier to carry our lunch in bike panniers rather than using backpacks on our bush walks). Among the boats we saw dolphins, pelicans and shags. We visited Oma T for coffee and then stopped in on Paddy and Iris in North Haven before heading home. A very pleasant outing indeed.

Dan says …

We normally only ride to Pig face hill on our bike rides, but when we got there Dad said that we had to keep going as this was a replacement for our walk. We had a good selection of rolls for lunch - it was like taco night.

At Oma T’s I watched Banjo the wood pile cat and I had a go at the tread mill. I got my heart rate up to 125 bpm.

At Paddy and Iris’s I played with the grumpy old cat called Tosca - but he wasn’t really that grumpy, he just didn’t want to be picked up. Do you know why cats don’t like to be picked up - because some people have freezing hands. Paddy let me look through his binoculars. One side was clear, and the other side had height, diameter and a compass that showed numbers. With the binoculars I could spy on Mum and Dad, and from the balcony I could see boats and kites. I had some time on their computer. It was a bit old and slow, but I was able to find a cheat site for Pokemon. Someday I am going boating with Paddy and I will sit on the front of the boat so that Mum can take a photograph for the blog.

When it came time to go home I thought we would take a taxi, but no, we had to ride home.

This week's joke:

Q: Why did the spider log on to the computer?
A: Because he wanted to play on the web.

Additional photos below
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Looking up towards Semaphore RoadLooking up towards Semaphore Road
Looking up towards Semaphore Road

The bike path passes in front of the Semaphore Jetty
The minature steam trainThe minature steam train
The minature steam train

At the Semaphore station
Approaching the PalaisApproaching the Palais
Approaching the Palais

The large white building is the Palais (bar, restaurant, function rooms). There were heaps of people there.
Largs KioskLargs Kiosk
Largs Kiosk

A great place to rest (coffee, playground, toilets, beach and jetty)
Largs JettyLargs Jetty
Largs Jetty

Inviting isn't it?
Riding on SundayRiding on Sunday
Riding on Sunday

In front of the Largs Bay Sailing Club
A information poleA information pole
A information pole

It reads: On the 5th March 1880 "The Fitzjames", a boys reformatory hulk was anchored off Largs Jetty housing approximately 60 boys. It was intended to train boys for a life in the Merchant Navy but was little more than a convict hulk.
A beach trackA beach track
A beach track

From the path there are trails across the dunes to the water - but beware of snakes.
The view from "Pig face hill"The view from "Pig face hill"
The view from "Pig face hill"

A pet name - it is near Strathfield Terrace. Largs jetty can be seen in the background.
My old high schoolMy old high school
My old high school

It was Taperoo High - now it is called Ocean View College - a beach-side K-12 school.
The North Haven MarinaThe North Haven Marina
The North Haven Marina

There was a shelter with tables and chairs overlooking the marina so we used these for our picnic.
Checking out the boats Checking out the boats
Checking out the boats

Dan had special binoculars to see the action from the balcony of Paddy and Iris's house.
Dan and GeorgeDan and George
Dan and George

Although not officially part of the walk I thought I would share this image. George and Angus popped over this week - these two very much enjoyed their time together.

16th January 2006

hi there hikers thanks for yet another informtive blog, I enjoy catching up with your expeditions. Good to see that Dan has not run out of jokes, very impressive. we are off to look at bird cages as budgies are on the radar at the moment!! lots of love Polly
16th January 2006

Great journal
I really enjoyed your blog. Excellent photos, interesting jokes :-) Definately inspirational. Exploring SA is one of those things I'm always promising myself I'll do. I plan to do some butterfly spotting along the way. Cheers!!
22nd January 2006

Hi Loretta
Thanks for your comment. One of our aims is to inspire others to experience some of the SA bush - so thanks for letting us know. Funny how you can live in a town for so long and not know what is just a short drive away! Experiencing butterflys is amazing - I remember climbing Mount Magnificant once when there were millions of butterflies that even landed on us. But often on our walks there are a few. Happy trails!
24th January 2006

local lovelies!!!
Great to Semaphore get's a guernsey in your fabulous adventures. Love the bike track shots. I ride down there regularly myself. All the best for your travels in 2006 Jo
31st January 2006

looks like fun
i really like the way you have documented this activity.
29th March 2007

semaphore my home
I Like riding my bike up and down, back and forth semaphore to north haven pig face hill is a favourite spot of mine it is the best check it out yeah!
1st April 2007

Hey R33 Skyline Boy!
Thanks for telling me that. Pig face Hill is one of my favourites - although there are plenty of other faves. See ya, Dan

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