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August 25th 2008
Published: August 25th 2008
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howdy all,
quick email to say to my travel blog is stagnant as my travelling merely involves travelling from my bedroom to the shower, from there to the door and at last from the house to the bus stop.
bus drivers are kind humane people over here. they say hi when you board the bus with a pleasant " how you going?" or an ozzie " g'day!". But mostly, if they see you running towards the bus stop waving your arms like a mad man crossing the road as cars wizz by as you are 100 meters from the bus stop and the bus is just about to leave the same bus stop, well, i kid you not: they wait for you.they hold the doors open and still give you the same warm welcome.
never, i say never, have i seen such human kindness. not even at the red cross.
in london they wait for you till the last second only just to shut the door in your face looking at you with the same body language as if they were raising the middle finger.

anyway, going back to my travelling, from the bus to the work is a mere 5 mins walk. at work i "leisurely" sit at my desk (with the occasional trip to the kitchen and the gents) till about 11 pm (sometimes later seldom before). then i grab a taxi ( which are really easy to find and they always stop for you, usually i get one within 60 seconds of waiting) and go home.
this is repeated 6-7 days a week.
i have had not a life for the past few weeks.BUT another 9 days and i will be coming to europe for a total of 3 days for my friend valeria's wedding. 4 days in the air for spending 3 days on the ground. then back to oz for another 3 weeks and "that's all folks!".
oh i sooo cannot wait to move back to europe.
i have defenetly did my time here. ;o)

but actually on the way back to europe i will have a tiny detour of 10 days in japan. oooh i soo cant wait for that. then the travelling blog will resume in its all so spleandor.

love, hugs, koalas and kangaroo steaks (they are really yummy!!!) to all of you.


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