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July 17th 2008
Published: July 17th 2008
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For the ones that haven't realised, i have finally managed to make a selection of pictures and put them on the facebook website. I choose that one in particular as it's the only one that allows u free uploads with any number of pictures you wish. which is grand.
the link is the following:
it might be that you have to register on the facebook and connect to my profile as a friend. but i can assure you that is a really quick procedure and it's free of charge and hassle.
plus you get to see me in the wonderful kingdom of OZ. just to confirm. the profile with the picture of the koala raising 2 paws, it's mine.

work is actually quite busy now, i had two very loooong days ( 15 hours each) but all in all, it's all good fun. great shots and crew to work with.
Before i forget, the new batman movie is out: "the Dark Knight". you have to go and see it and then complement me on how good the Mr dent/two faces looks. yep, i have done the visual effects on him and if you really want to you can wait till the end of the credits to see my name scroll down. go to the imax if you can. it's well worth it.
happy days.

I have found out why people don't cross the road unless it's green light. apparently you get fined by the police if you are caught in the act of unlawfully crossing the street. i am not joking. now, i heard that you can get a fine from 20 dollars to 185 dollars ( two different sources, not sure which is the right one).
that makes a lot of sense. also it must be easy money for the government. uh the huge amount of money they would make in london. can you imagine? crazy.

right, ok, have to go back to work now.
please keep me updated with your news! i miss my friends!!


in case you are wondering, peter didn't read the previoius blog so i saved the money for the camera lens. The cheeky chap kept saying that he had read it. so on the following monday I actually made him read it aloud to me. and when caught in the act he burst out laughing! oh my love, what would i do without you?


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