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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Athelstone May 3rd 2011

Flying from Perth to Adelaide took 3 hours. It was Anzac Day (similar to Remembrance Sunday, but actively observed everywhere in Australia with marches and church services). We collected a more modest-sized campervan this time for our drive through South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, ending in Sydney (after about 3,000km). In Adelaide we met up with Ali from our Central American trip earlier this year, who looked as great as ever and we talked non-stop happily throughout lunch. After Ali & Adelaide, our next highlight was the Great Ocean Road, which has to be one of the most spectacular drives in the world. On the western half there are large limestone islands which are continually battered by the wild winds and the big seas of the Southern Ocean, so that the coastline is constantly ... read more
Gt Ocean Road 1
Gt Ocean Road 2
Gt Ocean Road 3

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Athelstone March 4th 2008

Hi All, I know you all must be thinking, what is it with these two and this bloody trvel blog, news one month, none for several. When we arrived in SA we thought this is it... we can buy a place in Victor Harbor, I can get a cushy number with BHP at Roxby, Janie can be partly kept working as a midwife at a local hospital and all would be sweet. Well as it would happen this did not eventuate as SA has not quite happened yet with the mining stuff and did not feel comfortable working my ass off for minimal wage and dodgy conditions. So I put out the feelers and wouldn't you know it BHP did have a job, just not in South Aus. Yes we are off to sunny (well mostly, ... read more

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