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February 12th 2008
Published: February 12th 2008
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Castle HillCastle HillCastle Hill

Townsville's only attraction
Still in Townsville, water not receded yet. Not holding my breath.
Had entertaining day. Phoned greyhound quite early to be told to keep dreaming. They'd think about setting off tomorrow. Phoned the hostel I'd stayed at for the previous 3 nights to get moaned at. How dare I try and book a room just in case the bus doesn't run. Did explain to the prick that I hadn't booked anything till I was certain to be stuck this miserable hole (didn't use that phrase, though more his language so probably should have done) so I actually wanted the room. Even so, I was given 4 hours to come and pay otherwise he'd give my room away. It's not like anyone new can get into Townsville, blocked off from all sides. Still, I was being punished for not paying up front on the off chance I couldn't travel. The hospitality here can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And on occasion, certain people would like me to be homeless. Sweet man.

Finished moaning now.
Went for pleasant walk up their big hill. Pretty rocky lump overlooking the city. Unfortunately, I decided to go at 11am, so I was clambering up hill in the heat of the midday sun. Loud voice in my head was shouting "you dumbass, get down" I always ignore her. Nice views at the top, though sweat dripping into eyes so couldn't appreciate them as I've have liked. Still, there's always tomorrow to see urrr.... aquarium again...

Will start attaching photo's soon. Taken lots, and have some really impressive ones of me diving. No shark, but to make it more seem more impressive, imagine Jaws but bigger, with sharper teeth. Even scarier than Gnasher in a mood.

Food now. Noodles, cheap, but not something to rush home for.


12th February 2008

Hello!! Good to hear from you :) I shall remind you of your comparison to Niagara when we are standing above it!!! Haha! Sorry to hear about the flooding - at least there is a chance of it clearing up in those temperatures - so hopefully you will be on your way again soon. Can't wait for your next update!! Anyway news from down under - I have been to London for wkend - caught up with various relatives and went to drool over Lee Mead in Joseph at the Aldphi Theatre. On the second row - glad to say it wasn't the front row - as actors have a habit of spitting when singing to improve their projection and I managed to avoid being showered (felt sorry for the orchestra though). It was fab!!!! Oh and I am meeting Sarah for a pizza on Friday, so that we can discuss your exploits.... Take Care lol Samantha xx
12th February 2008

I thought you always listened to 'the voices' :) I know you're good at causing meterological disasters wherever you go, but to form your own island is an achievement even for yourself. It's a pain for you, but I can't help but be amused when I see on the news that one of the closed roads is called the 'Bruce Highway'! Never was there a more Australian road name :)
13th February 2008

water wings
You seem to be in the wet of it! Hope all is well and you get out ofm there soon. Just stay "cool" all will be right soon - it's the way in the states every disaster has a siler lining. If you want to see our RWT pics go to :- enjoy your travelling Graham and kathy ps you might like to put your pics up as well on your own site - it's at no cost (1 gb with picasa)
14th February 2008

Why cant we have tropical weather and floods. would love to see your pix m8 keep safe all at sea and on land happy days

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