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February 14th 2008
Published: February 14th 2008
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I'm free!
Flew out of there. Should probably have saved a few quid and waited for Buses, but was getting irritable, and didn't really fancy the 23 hour bus ride anyway.
Arrived in Brisbane. Probably won't stay long, too much to do in Sydney. Lost enough time in the world's dullest town. Townsville may be fabulous really, but it's charm starts to wane after 3 days with squat to do and rooms full of bed bugs, mossies, and fat german blokes.
Hoping to go on tour of Moreton Bay Islands. Sandboarding, snorkeling (by a couple of odd looking shipwrecks) lots of sunbathing plus camping. Irritated enough by mossies. But that was probably the scabby hostel.

Thats followed by walking in the blue mountains, and hopefully up some famous bridge down south somewhere. there's meant to be some opera house near it. Can't be that exciting.
As ever, will let you know.

ps photo's to follow, when I remember to bring the camera.


14th February 2008

Soon be Friday
Yo Lizzie keep on keeping on although when I was last in Germany I could not say I saw many fat ones lol but I was at the world beach volley championships. So fat German blokes must be reserved for Australia and yourself. It is probably an tourist ploy a bit like the towels on the pool bed first thing in the morning. Ah brings back memories of Malaga again and floating turds in the sea. I cant wait to see your holiday snaps m8 shame you going to Sydney I heard most guys down there prefer the company of other young guys and the sound of the village People and Steps. Happy hunting and don't be fooled into paying a 100 bucks to walk on top of that bloody bridge lol.
14th February 2008

Well done at being free :) Next time you'll have to take a canoe with you!
15th February 2008

Happy Valentine's
Hurrah you have escaped - don't blame you for catching a flight!! Bet you're basking in glorious sun, sea and sand now. (Just to make you feel better - temperature here is extremely low - back in the winter woollies again!! - Bet Sheffield is even colder!) Thanks for gorge pressies btw - tucked into chocs already and will probably have used all plasters in first aid kit b4 departure - you know what i'm like! Oh and Bon Jovi - ahhh well say no more - currently riveted to TV screen every evening (haha). Have you bought any silly hats yet?! - expecting you to have a crocodile dundee type with corks at least by now (with meat loaf logo sewn on of course). Lol Samantha xx

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