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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point November 24th 2016

We took a break from the beach and headed into Brisbane for 4 days. Overall, it was a good experience, but nothing super exciting. 5/10 recommend. Maybe I have just seen too many different cities this past year, but this one was nothing particularly special. The free boat ferry was super nice, although we somehow managed to go the wrong way every time we got on it. I don't think our relationship would have survived another argument over whether we were going up or down river. Our airbnb was pretty much a frat house, with people partying and fighting all night, and a kitchen so dirty that rivaled my college apartment during finals week. We had our own room and bathroom, so we were able to keep to ourselves and avoid the chaos. The best day ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point December 20th 2015

Day 21 I woke up at 7 and his knibbs at 8:15 (that rarely happens!) we got up packed our stuff away ready to leave the Eco Lodge and the glasshouse mountains! We discovered during our stay there we can donate/plant a tree so we decided that we wanted to do that! We met Keith the owner at 10 and went to collect our little tree! We then walked out into the grounds of the ecolodge to plant it! We then left a message in the tree planting book and our donation and went on our way! We arrived in Brisbane at 12:30 but the hotel wouldn't let us check in until 2 so we were a little bemused as to what to do! We drove round a bit and stumbled across "Streets Beach" which is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point September 14th 2013

Day 1 Left from Brisbane on Saturday 14th September. Lexus staff picked the car up as organised and have taken it to their storage place and will deliver it when we arrive back from overseas - what a fantastic service they provide - love it and it's free! Flight was uneventful - from Briz to LA was in Premium Economy and then we had an upgrade to Business for the last leg to New York - much nicer!! We didn't get much sleep on either leg of the trip. fortunately it was a quick turnaround from the trip to LA and then the one to NY. We were picked up by the hotel shuttle bus to take us to the hotel for the night in New York - near the airport as we were leaving again ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point July 14th 2012

13 July Will the rain ever stop? Today is the last school day of the students at Shafston. All students said goodbye to their teachers and classmates after the lesson. They also took photos with each other and exchanged contact details for future correspondence. I am not sure if the sutdents got great improvement in their English. But at least they had a valuable opportunity to make friends with other students who came from different parts of the world. They also learnt how to be independent and take care of themselves and even other people. After lunch, we went to the China Town in Brisbane and had a walk there. The China Town was rather small in comparison with China Towns in other big cities like New York, London or even Sydney. A simple graduation ceremony ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point July 13th 2012

11 July Another rainy day. L The sun has disappeared for 3 days! Our afternoon activity was to visit the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Garden. Due to continuous showering in the past few days, Connie and I worried that going for a walk in the rainforest might not be a good idea, as there’s no shelter in the botanic garden. In case of heavy rainfall, the students would probably all get wet. Also the ground might be slippery and walking between the woods could have some potential danger. The School then suggested another activity for us: bowling. However, after careful consideration, we decided to follow the original schedule. You can play bowling anytime and anywhere but you don’t always get a chance to see the rainforest, right? At the end we found that our decision was correct. ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point July 11th 2012

9 July Grey sky, scattered clouds shading the sun. The rain came at last! Today, Connie and I went to sit in the lessons for the junior students. The class I went to included students from mainland China and four of our S1 students. Some of them were rather active (or talkative) and the teacher did not care their discipline in the classroom. Two Chinese students even fell asleep in front of the teacher but no action was taken. The lesson was about vocabulary items that are related to computer and students were asked to list out as many relevant words as they could think of. Our students were able to list out quite a number of words. In the afternoon, the students visited the Queensland Museum where they could briefly learn about the history and ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point July 9th 2012

LET'S HAVE A PARTY! 6 July Forecasted to be cloudy with showers. But it was all the way sunny and cloudless. In the morning, Connie and I went to different classrooms to sit in a lesson for adult students. I was in a class of level 3 with two of our students in it while Connie attended a class of level 4 where the students were learning modals. According to the observation of Connie and I, the teachers were very active in trying to engage every student by using various class activities. Students also showed their enthusiasm and involvement in learning. Today, a BBQ lunch was arranged for the students. At the beginning, the students looked forward to having a big feast and an enjoyable party. To their disappointment, the BBQ lunch only included two plates ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point July 6th 2012

4/7 Another sunny day. Lesson in the morning and activity in the afternoon as scheduled for each day. Today’s activity is learning how to play a didgeridoo and painting the boomerang with patterns designed by the students. Blowing a didgeridoo is not easy. You have to manipulate your lips and the air flows from your mouth. Among the 15 students, only 3 of them are able to make a sound at blowing. Both teachers also failed to do so. On the other hand, painting the boomerang was with more fun and is welcomed by all students. Each student was given a boomerang of unpainted white wood. They were allowed to design patterns or figures and then drew them on the boomerang. Every one tried their best to make a boomerang of unique design. Some students really ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point December 28th 2011

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re all good and had a great Christmas? We had a nice time in Brisbane; I was very very very homesick and missing home a lot! I still wanted to experience a sunny Christmas but wished everyone from home could be here. I was also a little concerned that we wouldn’t get a sunny Christmas, as the rain leading up to Christmas Day was so terrible (cloudy, windy and rainy!)… BRISBANE, Australia Thursday 22nd December 2011 I was up really late and it took a while to get going (I’m always sooooooooo dehydrated, takes a while to come around). Drew and I did some chores (juice for Mildred, Christmas presents and my new camera!) and then went back to watch some Buffy and Whale Wars whilst doing some cleaning (me) and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point December 21st 2011

G’day all!! I’d just arrived in Brisbane in my last update and was about to be reunited with Drew, who I hoped was waiting for me the other side of Australian immigration and customs even though my flight was an hour early (would he have thought to check the times…?!). Firstly I’ve got to say how much I miss home. I am so terribly homesick…Mum, Dad, Maff, Em, Gem, Geo, Cazzler, Joanne, Vix, Katie, Louli, Laura and so many other people I wish you were here! I really need some cuddles from home! I’m lucky I have Drew and Hannah here from home to give me a hug when needed! Secondly, there will unfortunately be no pictures to accompany this update because 3 nights ago (19th December) my camera was lost/stolen, so all my lovely pictures ... read more

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