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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove May 8th 2013

Had a big sail for our next anchorage, so decided to leave while there was still a lot of wind to get us there. (wind had dropped from 25-30 kts to 20-25kts) sw we left early in the morning. Actually had a pleasant day sailing, only to find out that the anchorage was very rough and rolly. Weren’t going to stay there, so continued on to Cape Melville. Arrived 9pm. Neither of us like anchoring in the dark, but at least this anchorage was protected. The next day was a short (and very lovely) sail to Princess Charlotte Bay (Bathurst Head). Here we collected the biggest oysters we have both ever seen. We stayed here a few days as once again, the winds were strong and we were in a very protected anchorage. On our last ... read more
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Watching dolphins

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove April 17th 2013

Third day at Palm Grove decided to stay here until Monday, nice day in Cairns did our shopping had a few beers.Busy place Cairns but very clean, they have done a great job on the esplanade, with this great swimming and bathing pool. Palm Grove is a sleepy holiday village situated right on the beach,with a long boardwalk along the beach on the other side of the road it is lined with cafe's,hotels and bars There is a long jetty poking out to sea which is a fishing hot spot with tourist and locals. There are signs everywhere warning of the potential for crocs and stingers, going in for a dip is a no-no,so they have built a swimming enclosure which is surrounded by a net to keep the nasties out. Up early this morning went ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove July 1st 2012

Went to Cairns for the purpose of a chartered fishing trip that was cancelled due to weather. Spent some time on the beach, in the pool and at the butterfly sanctuary at Kuranda instead.... read more
Palm Cove early morning
Palm Cove early morning
Palm Cove Beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove June 16th 2012

Jeudi matin on galère un peu pour trouver la maison des gens, alors que la route en question se trouvait juste en face de l’aire de repos où nous avions passé la nuit ! On se retrouve au milieu de nulle part, sur une piste « en chien » puis dans les champs de cannes…Mais où sont-ils ?? On finit par trouver, c’est vraiment le trou du c.. du monde !! L’arrivée n’est pas très chaleureuse, Claire semble un peu étonnée de nous voir et rien n’est prêt pour notre arrivée…Elle nous dit avoir prévu quelqu’un de plus pendant leur absence « car ne peut pas apprendre en 3 jours à s’occuper des wallabies ». Ah ? Pourtant elle nous avait justement fait confiance vue notre expérience à la ferme. On se rend vite compte qu’on ... read more
Ti calin
Biberon aux wallabies
Mossman Gorges

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove April 6th 2012

With today being Good Friday we had planned not to do very much. After our late arrival we slept in before going downstairs to complete our check-in. When we arrived last night we collected our keys from a drop box and received our instructions to report to the front desk in the morning. After signing in officially we ventured down to the Chill Cafe (recommended by Jocelyn as she checked us in) for a late breakfast/brunch. We didn't have a very substantial meal on the flight from BRI to CNS so we were starving! We shared a bowl of fruit salad and then polished of a serve each of eggs benedict. Yum. Washed it down with fresh orange juice and I finished with a decaf cappuccino. We won't be eating out every morning though - it's ... read more
Port Douglas Church
View from Rex Lookout
Flagstaff Hill Lookout

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove February 27th 2011

Heute war ich im Zoo. Das Wetter am Morgen fing sehr gut an, so das ich mich für einen Zoobesuch entschied. Der Zoo liegt etwa 25 km nördlich von Cairns. Der Bus hält genau vorm Eingang, so das man es nicht verfehlen kann. Eintritt ist happig mit 32$. Als erstes ging es zu den Koalas. Diese werden hier gezüchtet. Um sich mit einem Koala im Arm fotografieren zu lassen, kostet 16$. Was solls, bin ja kein Geizhals. Die Koalas sind sehr süß. Weiter ging es zum Terrarium wo Schlangen waren, darunter die giftigste Schlange der Welt, die Western Taipan. Es gab auch noch eine Vorführung von Schlangen, neben einer Python wurde natürlich auch die giftigste gezeigt. Danach ging es weiter zu den Krokodilen. Eines davon wurde gerade gefüttert, ein Riesenkrokodil von 7 Metern Länge. War schon ... read more
In der Werkstatt
Is' was?
Ich und meine kleinen Freunde

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove June 26th 2010

hola :) na wie geht's euch? Was ist los in Austria? News, Skandale etc etc alles ist willkommen :)) Hab natuerlich wieder etwas zu berichten ... War in Palm Cove - ist zwischen Cairns und Port Douglas. Dieser Ort laedt zum Nichtstun ein :) Wellen plaetschern gegen den idyllischen Tropenstand, Palmen rascheln (und wie die geraschelt haben - der Wind ging huii ) und mittendrin war ich hihi Palm Cove ist viel kleiner als Port Douglas, dh wir (meine Mitbewohnerin Sabine und ich) hatten nach ein paar Minuten alles gesehen. Wir genossen den Strand und das Meer, gingen zu den Shops ein bisschen bummeln und dann kann man sagen, das war's ... Palm Cove ist nicht gerade aufregend, aber sehen sollte man es schon :) Das Wetter ist recht schoen hier, wie gesagt Windig und am ... read more
mit dem blauen Auto unterwegs
Palm Cove
Village Shopping Center

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove August 3rd 2009

Well we have settled in and have joined in some of the “weekly” rituals at the camp ground. Roast on Sunday nights, nearly every night someone has happy hour, bbq or delivered pizza on Thursday nights. Went out to tea with Steve & Jenni on Wednesday night to “Yorkeys”. This is the restaurant at the yacht club marina at Yorkeys Knob. It was very nice and relaxing, with good company. Even the kids enjoyed themselves. Thursday we had a swim at Peppers Resort where Steve & Jenni are staying. There are 2 pools, one with sand and 25 degrees; the other 30 degrees and concrete base. We had fun with a giant beachball playing keepings off. Unfortunately my toes got cut underneath and got rather sore. Back to camp for a lovely shower and some relaxing ... read more
Banana Tree in Palm Cove!
Palm Cove Camping Ground from the Pier
Peppers Resort - Palm Cove

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove August 3rd 2009

Skyrail, Cairns On Friday my Dad and my brother and I went on Skyrail. On the way out of where you got on (Kuranda) I thought it was going to be rough, but it was not rough. We got off at Barron Falls after we looked around we got back on. Next we stopped at Red Peak which is a rainforest. We had a walk around and got back on to go to Cairns. Palm Cove, Hang Gliders On Sunday, we saw some hang gliders, gliding off the edge at Rex’s Lookout, near Palm Cove. I thought they would fall, but they did not fall. We got to watch one get set up. There was about nine of them, gliding off the edge. ... read more
Skyrail view
Barron Falls
Red Peak Station

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove July 27th 2009

Wet started the day early with a quick trip out to the beach. Then some breakfast and a swim in the pool. Rachel taught mum how to use a snorkel. Then we had a snack and went out to a crocodile farm and park. There they raise crocodiles a little like we raise cows or pigs for the leather and meat trade. We arrived just in time for a tour of the farm part and so saw the various ponds where they raise the crocodiles, from eggs to about 3 years old. We learnt all about the ins and outs of crocodile farming, collecting the eggs is the most dangerous and the females defend their nests with avengance. In the wild only about 1 in 100 eggs makes it to a mature crocodile. Then we went ... read more
Our villa from the beach
Mum working really hard
Crocs at the farm

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