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February 27th 2008
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GlassHouse mountainsGlassHouse mountainsGlassHouse mountains

Volcanic Plugs

We head into Brisbane with not much planned. We take a tourist highway up through the Glasshouse Mountains and view these volcanic plugs from a great lookout spot. It's sunday and there's a big Harley ride going on. There must be 30 or so bikes. Funny to see so many American bikes in Australia, proving they really are iconic.

We take some pictures and head down the mountain and still towards Brisbane.

As we hit the city limits, we see where we should have turned to get to the caravan park we missed and chuckle. The bypass took us 10km north of it and it was supposed to be 15km north of the city.

We locate a mall about 5km away and decide to explore. We catch a lunch and movie there. Two funny things there. 10 or so restaraunts in the food court and McDonald's and KFC are the most lined up. And the movie gets out around 8pm. It's dark and the mall is closed. and we're parked on the other side of it. we have to walk around the whole mall to get back to the caravan which takes about 30 minutes. Plan
GlassHouse mountainsGlassHouse mountainsGlassHouse mountains

Volcanic Plugs
that better Hughie!! We hit a Subway on the way home and have a great chat with a young Aussie when he learns we're from Canada. It is true most people open up once they find you're from Canada.

We stay up a little later and start watching the Deadwood series on the laptop. Deadwood is great by the way.

Brisbane Day Two.

We drop off the caravan after a week of having it. It was fantastic and I'd recommend it to anyone! Lots of parks, all fully serviced and only about $30 a night.

We grab a cab into the city where we've got a hotel. The cab driver is pretty chatty once he finds we're Canadian and we learn a little about the city, beer and Australian Rules Football (of which he's a former player).

The ride ends too soon and we're at the hotel. We clean up and find we're about 4 blocks to downtown so we walk to see what's what. again at rush hour, there's throngs of people on the streets heading home or to the pub. We walk down the Queen Street Mall and decide to check out another
GlassHouse mountainsGlassHouse mountainsGlassHouse mountains

more from the hill top
movie at one of the most fantastic theatre's I've ever seen. It's old and glamourous. We see No Country for Old Men.

We head back to the hotel and crash.

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The BeastThe Beast
The Beast

Caravan in it's glory
The Beast pt 2The Beast pt 2
The Beast pt 2

Other Side
Inside the BeastInside the Beast
Inside the Beast

Stove, sink, fridge, oven
Inside the Beast 2Inside the Beast 2
Inside the Beast 2

Shower/Toilet. microwave

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