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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Glasshouse Mountains NP November 10th 2015

Our second weekend away from the city was to be an epic one. I knew that the east coast of Australia was great for spotting Humpback Whales from May to November and was thrilled to find a company that allowed you in the water to swim with them as well. Sunreef, as it turns out, are the only company Australia currently to have the licence to offer this although it looks like a couple more will get the opportunity next year. Saturday morning we picked up our car hire and drove an hour or so north to the Glasshouse Mountains National Park. The mountains are a group of eleven hills that rise from the flat plain. They are volcanic plugs left behind when the volcanoes around them made of softer rock where eroded away, which in ... read more
Glasshouse Mountains (6)
Glasshouse Mountains (12)
Glasshouse Mountains (17)

Had another leisurely lay in, and Charlie made me a brew and bacon and eggs for breakfast (good lad!) we went to the local Saturday market here in West End which is really good for cheap fruit and veg etc. There were also loads of food stalls which smelled lovely, there was every kind of nationality that you could imagine, lots of coffee stalls, and a few fresh fish markets with lots of variety to choose from- most of it caught locally. I think it was a hungarian place that made this flat bread filled with cheese etc that was cooked with an iron. Charlie said they'd once tried to do the same at home by wrapping their tefal in foil, but it didn't produce the same effect ( no shit) We stopped at one African ... read more
Glasshouse Moutains
Glasshouse Moutains
dream on.....

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Glasshouse Mountains NP January 27th 2010

Nisem ljubiteljica polezavanja na plazi in rutine, ki pomeni kopanje, brisanje, tusiranje, jedaca, kava in pijaca. Zato sem se veselila, da se bomo premaknile malo v notranjost te dezele, da bomo morda se kaj videle. Na poti iz plaze nas je eno jutro presenetil prav lep kuscar, ker je imel tako dolg rep, bi bil lahko dolg 70 cm ali vec. Razen kengurujev, sem v Avstraliji videla najvec kuscarjev, ki so bili lepo pisani in za nase razmere velikanski. Z Bogom Sunshine coast, poglejmo kaj se skriva globje v notranjosti. Zapeljale smo mimo Eumundija in se zacele dvigati v hriboviti predel: gozdovi, polja, pasniki, vse lepo zeleno in razkosno. Postanek v Montoville, ki je turisticni kraj: trgovine, kavarne, gostisca. Razgled po pokrajini do morja. Zapeljale smo do jezera Baroon Pocket Dam, ki ga obdaja cudovit subtropski ... read more

Today was a productive day. I arose after the hum of the Hockey household dissipated and the working day approached. Four slices of wholemeal toast and a fresh brew of Australian coffee set me up for the afternoon ahead. With passport and printed visa in hand I meandered the soggy grounds of the large queenslander, the comfortable home of my Australian friend Roxanne. After a quick oil check with troubled Matilda and Tom Pettys 'Full Moon Fever' queued on the ipod I hastened out the driveway and negotiated the winding roads that descend from the glorious Glass House Mountains. Concious of the breathtaking scenery dissolving in my rear view mirror I came to find my next stop Caboolture was all to drab to say the least, but necessary nonetheless. A quick stop at a major discount ... read more
Farmer O'Neill
Inside the Mandarin Tree

I always admired the Glasshouse Mountains from the distance. One of my favourite photo was a shot of a family fishing on Bribie Island with the Glasshouse mountains in the backdrop, which is featured in my previous blog . We always drive past the mountains everytime we go to the beach at the Sunshine coast. It’s one of Queensland’s iconic natural wonders after Fraser Island, Whitsunday and The Great Barrier Reef. After all these years, we’ve never set foot on these mountains until recently. It was another long weekend, so we thought to take the opportunity to go camping again. It’s only been 3 weeks since our first family camping trip at Fraser Island, which we enjoyed immensely (though stressful at times). Now that we have acquired all the necessary camping gears to ... read more
Fishing at Coochin Creek
Roasting Marshmallows
Cake baked by the campfire

We travelled north through Brisbane and stopped for lunch at Caboolture. We thought we might stay somewhere up around Maleny, but in the end we found a relatively cheap caravan park near the Glass House Mountains, so named by Captain Cook in 1770 because of their resemblance to glass manufacturing houses back in England. It was called the Glass House Mountains Tourist Village and located on the now named Steve Irwin Highway about 10km south of Australia Zoo. On the way to the caravan park, we stopped off at the Glass House Mountains Lookout which gave great views of these interesting 25 million year old volcanic peaks. On Sunday we drove up to Maleny, stopping briefly at Mary Cairncross Park which had great views of the Glass House Mountains from the north. In Maleny we wandered ... read more
Mt Coonowrin
Kondalilla Falls
Rock pool at top of Kondalilla Falls

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Glasshouse Mountains NP December 19th 2008

On my first day in Maroochydore, I went to the Glasshouse Mountains with Amy's friend Pip. It was awesome because I was so freaked out by being in a town again! We went to Mount Ngungun, the view from the top was beautiful. It's really flat farmland and the mountains seem to have been dropped from the sky! Or this (copied from the internet): "Tibrogargan was the father of all the tribes and Beerwah was his wife, and they had many children. Coonowrin, the eldest; the twins, Tunbubudla; Miketeebumulgrai; Elimbah whose shoulders were bent because she carried many cares; the little one called Round because she was so fat and small; and the one called Wild Horse since he always strayed away from the others to paddle out to sea. (Ngungun, Beerburrum and Coochin do not ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Glasshouse Mountains NP December 4th 2008

A visit to the Glass Mountains was awesome, also the Baroon Pocket Dam which supplies water to Maroochy and Caloundra regions.... Also the Views from the Town of Montville in the Mountains was quite stunning.... read more
Baroon Pocket Dam

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Glasshouse Mountains NP November 25th 2008

We woke at 6.10 this morning and unzipped the Swag, the sun burst in bright and getting high in the sky and very warm, jumping straight out we wanted to get it packed away as we were aware there was no camping in the state forest, “though I felt this was not quite camping” The swag was completely rolled away in about 10 minutes, and we got on with stoking up the Whisperlite, our camping stove, as we both wanted a cup of tea. I was really proud of Caroline, she was so apprehensive about sleeping out in the Swag, especially in a country where there are so many poisonous predators, she was a real trooper, and braved it well. I did say to Caroline that if she felt to uncomfortable I would have no objection ... read more
Room with a View
The Pea and The Lookout

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