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October 4th 2015
Published: October 3rd 2015
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Spent the last 2 days on Fraser Island. It's the largest sand island in the world (160 miles by 10 miles). I was amazed at how much vegetation grows on this island - it is completely covered with rainforest, springs, lakes, swimming holes, etc. The tour I went on was a group of 4 giant 4x4s. On the main beaches of the island you can drive on all of them like highways. They even have speed limits posted on the beaches.

The island is called Fraser Island because a lady named Fraser told a story about how her husband got really sick, the crew abandoned ship and she crashed the ship into Fraser Island. Her husband got eaten by cannibals and she got rescued by a park ranger. That was her story. In reality, her husband was fine before dinner but fell ill after dinner. The crew realized she tried to poison him, so they abandoned ship. She couldn't sail the ship by herself so she crashed and they sent a park ranger to find her.

The first day we checked out the wreck of the Maheno - a ship that got washed ashore around 80 years ago. It's a 6 storey ship and you can only see the very top of it now because it's sinking into the sand. We then went to Eli Creek for some swimming. It reminded me of the lazy river ride at Atlantis. There were people there with tubes and floaties, just relaxing. The water was so clear you could barely see it. Unfortunately after that I decided to play some frisbee, forgetting I had my camera in my pocket and made some sweet diving catches so my camera got covered in sand. (Note why I don't have any pictures from the second day.)

On day 2 we did a couple hikes around the island and went to Lake McKenzie. I have never seen a lake like this before. It looked more like a beach than a lake. The sand was the same sand as Whitehaven Beach and the water was so clear and clean you can drink it. The water changes colours like the sea does as it gets deeper. So beautiful. When we were getting in the ferry to leave the island we saw a couple dingoes. They are the wild dogs on the island. Kind of like wolves.

Headed to Noosa today to do some surfing lessons, then Brisbane tomorrow.


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