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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island March 20th 2024

Oh now that wasn’t the easiest rise and shine! My alarm went off at 5:30. I think I finally opened my eyes at 5:35. That’s harsh! I got into bed early to prepare for this, but by the time I’d finished uploading the blog stuff, it was 11:30 …… aarrgghh….I only had one bar of signal on my phone. Apparently, I’m doing the well to get that. We can get WiFi in the bar and reception area, but not in the accommodation! I’m here, all present and correct, I have my Costa coffee mug and muffin in my hands, so alls good. Here we go on the day ahead! I was greeted by a couple of kangaroos near my door this morning. It’s crazy, yesterday, I had never seen a kangaroo in the wild. Now, I ... read more
Pine forest
More pine forest
On the ferry over to the island

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 30th 2019

There is a 1030 kms between Alva Beach and Hervey Bay. Could have done more than one blog, but I'm late enough on writing my blogs...let's put it simply, it's a busy world out there, and I'm already more than a month behind this epic trip. The drive from Cairns to Hervey Bay is all about....great quality road without a single pot hole! Sadly many kangaroos lying dead on the side of the road, at some point more than one per kilometers...and a mix of rainforest, sugar cane field and other farm lands. We are also crossing field which are suffering the current solid drought with cattle in sadly pretty bad shape. But let's put it honestly, it's a lot of driving and from time to time can be a little boring. We cut the road ... read more
That was a long and beautiful day...
Fraser Island, gorgeous beach on Lake McKenzie
Shelly Beach, Queensland....not the one home in South Africa...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island February 12th 2019

Leaving the Blue Mountain we headed off to the Hunter Valley driving the Putty Road which was interesting and very windy and we were again surprised at how green everything was along the way. We also took advantage of the fact that there was the odd winery in the Hunter Valley - what a surprise! Our next overnight was at Port Stephens which we thought was a town but was actually an inlet of water with towns on it such as Nelson Bay. On then to the motel then straight out to Stockton beach where Sue had her first ( and probably last) camel ride. That evening we came across a small free festival going on, so we stopped grabbed some food from one of the catering vans & watched the acts - part of the ... read more
Photo shoot on location - Port Macquarie
dolphin sighting
shoe overboard

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island April 28th 2018

I was lulled to sleep last night by the sound of the roaring surf, the cyclonic wind and the rain as it heavily massaged the outside of our tent. There was a lot of lulling time. We are of course at Fraser Island, the home of the, free to roam, Dingo. And roam they do, right into our campsite. There are signs up everywhere about what to do if confronted by this wild dog. What you shouldn’t do is run away waving your arms in the air. Every part of your brain tells you that is exactly what you should do. No, you stand your ground, look it in the eye and fold your arms. That is what I did. I wasn’t going to let this baby snatcher intimidate me. The beast in question completely ignored ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island April 27th 2018

We were a little slow to pack up this morning as we had to spend quite a bit of time locating the various tools that Adam had littered around the campsite. I did point out that generally things are easier when you put things back in a logical place. For instance it is easier to find the spanner in the tool box rather than 10 feet from the campsite in the grass (especially if you’ve moved to another campsite). Also we had to wait for Adam to put the finishing touches on his blog entry. In fact he is doing more blog writing (chuckling to himself) than holidaying. I had a quick beer as the sun rose waiting for him to finish. As we were just tying down the stuff on the roof a fellow camper ... read more
Heading to the Campsite
Dingo Dan

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island February 18th 2018

When we left Cairns and got on the Greyhound, I was not at all looking forward to the 6-hour bus trip. Lucky for us, we sat at the front and the busdriver proved to be quite chatty. He told us many stories and we were in Townsville before we knew it! But not before we saw a Cassowary on the side of the road (looks like an emu and it's quite rare), another animal we could tick of our bucketlist. Magnetic Island We befriended a Brazilian girl on the bus, who stayed in the same hostel so we took the ferry to Magnetic Island together! On a hike through the bush we met another girl, I still love how easy it is to get in touch with people here. Later, we went to a place with ... read more
One of the few pictures in which I didn't look terrified
It's so fluffy!
Whitehaven beach is beautiful beyond words

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island July 1st 2017

Today was an early start, my alarm went off at 6:15am in order to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately it was cloudy but still a beautiful place nonetheless. After packing up and getting everything together we awaited our ride to the next stop. For the want of a cooler expression, a bad ass truck pulled up. I thought of how much Dad would love to be here right now. It was an ex military truck which had been refurbished. So we all piled on and set off to Rainbow Beach Town to stop for somme lunch before we caught the ferry off to Fraser Island. The ferry took us to 75 mile beach, the beach being, you guessed it - 59 miles long. It is called 75 mile beach because of the length of Fraser is 75 ... read more
Lake McKenzie

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island May 9th 2017

Travelling to K'gari (Fraser Island) with Discovery Group was a one of a kind, eye opening experience where everybody learnt about the history, culture, and the science behind Fraser Island all while seeing and doing some of the best things the biggest sand island in the world has to offer. An early morning start on the 3rd of May is how this adventure began, my bags were packed with all the bare necessities; 3 sets of casual clothes, a jumper, some swimmers, a beach towel, my hat, a book, my phone charger and my trusty tooth brush. I was ready to go to Fraser Island. When the tour bus arrived I was impressed with how awesome it looked, it had the perfect name to match it's style, "Gladiator". Our first tour destination was Tin Can Bay ... read more
Eli Creek
SS Maheno
Wanggoolba Creek

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island May 8th 2017

WELCOME TO K'GARI I’m really lucky to have visited Fraser several times before but this trip with The Discovery Group was by far the best! It showed me the importance of educating tourists, while they enjoy the scenery and natural sights, and how vital that is to the sustainable future of tourism on the island. Six months ago, the idea of travelling in a bus with a group of 22 other people with a guide, would have sent shivers down my spine. Although I am 49 and well-travelled (and an ex tour guide) I didn’t feel I was the type to enjoy this kind of ‘escorted tour’. Surely these trips are for tourists who don’t have their own Prado or for backpackers, happy to squeeze into a confined environment and stare out of a window, not ... read more
The Discovery Group 4WD vehicle
Dolphins at Tin Can Bay
Serenity of Eli Creek

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island May 1st 2017

We arrived in Brisbane late evening so spent it in the only place that made sense- the bar! It was student night so drinks were cheap and the music cheesy! The next day it was up and at them early to catch the bus over to the koala sanctuary. It was incredible! There were hundreds of koalas chilling out in the eucalyptus trees and you could get really close for photos. There was also other native wildlife on show such as the dingos, kangaroos, platypus and lots of bats and birds! We hand fed the kangaroos, which blew my mind. I didn't think they would be that tame and we would be able to get that close. I stayed a good clear distance from the emu though, it looked like it had its eye on us ... read more

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