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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island May 2nd 2015

Thu 16 April we took the 7.30 am Greyhound to Hervey Bay. We arrived at lunchtime and were picked up by the hostel transport Colonial Village, Hervey Bay. The hostel was quite quirky with Peacocks and other birds wandering free, a pond and a swimming pool. The bar/restaurant was the hub of the hostel, with a chef coming in for a couple of hours each eve to prepare meals with a dish of the day special for $16 (£8). Needless to say the kitchen area was hardly used! Our room was basic but for £28 a night it was good. The bus to and from the greyhound saved us $44 in taxi fees! We didn't see much of the town as the purpose of our stay was to pick up a 2 day tour to Fraser ... read more
Young Dingo sunbathing
Creek walk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island April 2nd 2015

Hey Bloggers, Luckily it was a dry night, and we woke up a little clammy but mostly everything had dried out. We needed to be up and ready to leave by 8am today, but like that was going to happen! It got to about 8.15am and word went round that one of the cars had been stolen in the night and they had crashed it against a tree. The useless, rude tour guides sat everyone down and asked who ever did it to come forward or we would sit there all morning not doing anything. I felt like I was at school, not an adult that has paid for an organized tour of Fraser Island. So because of one person who crashed the car in the night, all 63 other people had to sit around all ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island April 1st 2015

Hello People, Today sucked! It rained all day! Neil and I woke up about 5am with rain dripping on my hair and our sleeping bags and belongings soaked. It’s the worst feeling! We were meant to leave at 9am, but because people were hung over and because the tour guides didn’t bother to gear anyone up to put their food boxes away and get people onto the trucks, we didn’t end up leaving until 10.30am!!! It’s stupid as that’s a mornings sight seeing wasted! Rebecca drove next, we went to Champaign Reef and Eli Creek but it wasn’t much fun as it was torrential rain. Some people had a swim though. We couldn’t go to Indian Head as Craig the tour guide said it wouldn’t be safe. So we drove back to the campsite. Terrible day, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island March 31st 2015

Hi Everyone, So we started the day at 6am, we didn’t have to get up till 7am but everyone in our dorm were stirring and were going on the tour as well!! We were given free pancakes in the hostel, these were ok but they only offered peanut butter and jam with them (very American). As we were heading to Frasier for 3 days we had to leave our luggage locked up in the hostel and just take a rucksack of stuff you need. Everyone was sorted into groups, Vick and I were put into group 8, our group seemed good there were 2 English girls called Becky and Rebecca, an Israeli guy called Aylon, 2 German girls called Laura and Maria and an Irish guy called Mark. First thing was to sort out our food, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island March 17th 2015

13/3 The greyhound to Rainbow beach was about three hours long so we were there by half 1. Me and Kennedy were in different hostels because we are going to Fraser Island with different companies. Me and one of my roommates went for a walk to the beach and then to have a look at the very small town. I had to go to a meeting at the hostel bar all about Fraser and driving 4x4s. We got put into groups of 8 which is the groups we share a car with and cook with. Once the meeting was over I had to pack a small bag to take with me for the weekend and pack everything else away. I went to the bar for a few drinks and bumped into a group of guys who ... read more
Driving around
Beaches lookout

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island October 23rd 2014

It was our final day on the island so we had breakfast and handed I our keys and checked out. There was less of us today as some of the group had left the day before as those people had done 2 days 1 night. I had also put my bag ready for it to be transported over to the mainland and it saved me dragging it around on the bus and into the ferry lol. Our first stop after the usual long bumpy ride was lake Birrabeen where we took two inflatable paddle boards. It was only a shirt walk from the bus to the lake and we were lucky enough to see another dingo up close only a few meters away form where we were standing and he/she seemed to be quite happy or ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island October 20th 2014

I was awake early as the two German girls were leaving too and they were leaving before me, it's hard to sleep when people are fettling around lol. We said our goodbyes and wished each other well on our travels. I got my stuff sorted, checked out, got some breakfast and then waited at the bus stop fir the mini bus to arrive along with some others including two guys I had seen at the Noosa hostel. When the vehicle arrived it wasn't a minibus but a big 4 WD all terrain vehicle which can accommodate 24 people. We checked our names off, stowed our luggage and climbed on board. We stopped of to pick up some others and once all the pick ups were done we headed off to the ferry. We had a minute ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island October 20th 2014

The day started not too early. The buffet breakfast was served 6.30 - 8am before heading off. I have to say the breakfast wasn't that great as most if the 'hot food' was actually tepid and must have been sat there some time. We headed out back along the same track we always have to take as our accommodation is in one side of the island and the majority of the places we were visiting were on the opposite side or in the middle. Now I haven't really mentioned the tracks through the island have I. Well as we were on a Hughes and dune all the tracks were of course sandy. It was soft sand which meant the ride was very bumpy and uneven and at times it was like being in a tin can ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island September 30th 2014

Fraser Island je největší písečný ostrov na světě - hlavní silniční tepna je vedená podél oceánu na písečné pláži, pískem se chodí nebo brodí po všech cestách i necestách, písek po chvilce naleznete všude. Díky biologickému předmětů jsem tu mohla strávit 5 krásných dní, během nichž jsem se dozvěděla něco o místní fauně a flóře, jako pravý výzkumník jsem sbírala vzorky květin, v rámci anti-arachnofobie-terapie (něco mezi in vivo a desenzitizací) jsem sbírala pavouky do zkumavek a po identifikaci je všechny zase vypouštěla na svobodu, často se nacpávala výtečným jídlem, viděla spoustu zvířátek, koupala se v nádherných jezerech, poznala milé lidí, udělala mnoho fotek a ještě víc a v tomto blogu se vám pokusím těchto 5 dní, během nichž jsem zažívala pocit absolutního štěstí, zprostředkovat. Naše skup... read more
Snídaně (to je teprve začátek)
Duny :)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island May 19th 2014

Dimanche 18 mai, je suis arrivée dans la petite ville de Noosa pour faire une excursion à Fraser Island. Noosa est une petite ville de surfers assez classe. Pour faire Fraser Island c'est mieux de prendre un tour car conduire sur le sable mou c'est toute une aventure! J'ai donc choisi de prendre une entreprise sérieuse et pas axée sur la fête : Ils ont des bus de 20 personnes donc on est pas un gros groupe, ce que je préfère. Départ donc lundi à 6h15 du matin. Le bus 4x4 est assez impressionnant, car il est très haut et monté sur d'énormes pneus. Le guide était vraiment sympa et plein d'humour. Pour rejoindre Rainbow Beach, l'endroit d'où on partait, on a pris les petites routes dans l'arrière pays et on a réussi a voir....dss ... read more
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