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May 26th 2013
Published: May 26th 2013
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Well the few days of bad weather seems to be forever increasing and we are still hiding out at Garry's Anchorage S25 37.84 E152 58.34

Friday - I couldn't sleep well so got to see beautiful calm dawn. After some light rain, a rainbow and a late breakfast, we headed back to the camping area, now better clothed and with "Rid" to fend off the mossies. Followed the track south which was sign-posted closed to cars as the bridge was not safe. Found the bridge as the forest gave way to marsh land. Starting to get an appreciation of Alex's stamina for walking. Turned back quite soon after the bridge as we started to get an appreciation of our stamina for carrying Alex!

We returned to the boat as the wind started to build and this sent our boat swinging in odd directions as the wind opposed the current. However the nearby motor-cruiser wasn't acting the same way and we got quite nervous for a while as we were swinging quite close to each other.

Saturday Naomi was tired. She happened to be up around midnight for a pee when the tide was changing and the wind was up again and felt compelled to watch that we didn't swing onto this boat. So she didn't get back to bed until around 2am.

Went for another bush-walk. Had to find another landing spot as the tide was too high to land next to the campsite as the small waves would smash our dingy against the large tree trunks that had been laid there.

This time headed in the opposite direction. This gave good views of the anchorage from the small sand cliffs. Took the fork to the right which is a fire line track and climbed slowly uphill.

I went ahead as Alex reached his walking limit and I eventually found my goal that I had seen on the map. To the left I could see Lake Gary but it would have meant making a track (true bush walking) to get down to it. Instead ran back down the track to find Alex and Naomi resting in the shade.

Got back to the boat for lunch and it was getting windy again. As the afternoon progressed the boat became quite bumpy as the tide rose, allowing waves coming in over the sandbanks.

Sunday we had planned to leave around 7 to move a little further up Fraser Island. The timing of the tide is critical as this next section of the Sandy Strait is quite shallow. We also were not sure if the winds would be good for us in the next planned anchorage.

As it happened we didn't wake until 7:30 and the wind was already picking up so decided not leave. A few other boats left though- including the nearby motor-cruiser which will allow Naomi to relax more.

Took the dingy to explore around the anchorage. Headed between the islands of Mangroves and then realised we probably didn't have enough fuel so turned back to the boat to get some. Got a little wet as the water was quite choppy now. Topped up the petrol and out again, this time followed the channel around and once behind the protection of the island it was a different world - flat water and warm without the wind chill. Followed the channel around to the northerly entrance to the anchorage where there are a few houses.

When we got back to the boat the waves were bigger
Another view of Garry's anchorageAnother view of Garry's anchorageAnother view of Garry's anchorage

Luna Ray is in the distance
still, making getting back onto the boat tricky. The wind was blowing about 20 knots - gusting a little more at times. Naomi took an antihistamine to prevent getting seasick. Alex would not settle for his midday nap whereas Naomi couldn't help snoozing.

Later they both had a nap whilst I sat in the cockpit, reading the "Cruising Helmsman" with a JD and coke, watching a couple of new boats join us in the anchorage. When Naomi and Alex did both rise it was almost time to start my sundowner drink.

Naomi got a bit stressed out with Alex's constant demands tonight... or maybe just coming 'down' after her antihistamines. Seems I'm drinking more, Naomi is taking drugs.... we really should leave tomorrow. The wind should be shifting more from the east so should suit our next anchorage well, and we can leave an hour later too.

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26th May 2013

drugs and drinking
luke I will contact AA and they will have a meeting onboard.....take ginny
27th May 2013

Interesting that the GC is getting flogged by the strong winds - we are lucky to be relatively sheltered here. Thanks for the medical advice on sea-sickness - I do have injectable stemetil onboard but Na has found phenergen more helpful and its a more benign drug except for the drowsyness. Take care!

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