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October 8th 2010
Published: October 9th 2010
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Whew, where to start!

Pick up & ferry over were uneventful but we did see a stingray from the ferry as we pulled in & we were met on the Island by Ranger Pete & all jumped into the 4WD coach(!). More people (22) than KI which I wasn’t sure about but it wasn’t too bad with that many. The Ferry had taken us to Kingfisher Bay Resort (where we were also staying that night) but we soon left the tarmaced roads of the resort for the sandy tracks of the island. Our first stop ws Basin Lake - Fraser Island has many of these freshwater lakes that source their water from rainfall - here some of the group went swimming, some walked around the small lake & we paddled then chatted & Pete showed me lots of shed cases from damselfly larvae on the reeds around the lake & I found at least 1 dragonfly case too. There followed a short hike through the rainforest to Central Station, Pete had gone ahead with the bus to set up lunch. On route we saw a goana, 2 skinks & a kingfisher but no snakes. Central Station is so called as it used to be a train station when the island used to be logged. After another short hike along Wanggoolba Creek the bus took us to Lake McKenzie - a beautifully clear lake (it’s slight acidic so most plants and algae can’t grow in it) with a beautiful white sand beach. We spent the rest of the afternoon here & most of us went swimming, or at least got wet! The water was cool but it was rather windy which made it chilly out of the water. There were also a couple of white-bellied sea eagles hunting low over the lake which was lovely to watch. Luckily there was tea/hot chocolate & anzac biscuits to warm us up afterwards. Plus another goana sunbathing in the picnic area! We then headed back to the resort in time to grab some wine & head up to a lookout point to see the sunset.

The next morning we were all up & read to go bright & early, well, before 8am. We headed over to the eastern beach & to my delight Pete spotted a carpet python basking by the track. it was rather lazy, probably due to the early hour & the fact that it had found a tasty meal over the previous night from the bulge in its belly! On the beach we also saw a few dingos whilst driving along. The beaches are the main highway of the island & people belt along them at top speeds. Apparently they get lots of testoterone fueled crashes on the island. We were then given the option to take a $70 ride in a small plane (well, 7 passengers) & see the island from the air. Since we are unlikey to return we decided to blow the expense & take the ride. It was great being able to see the island from the air - all the lakes & sandblows, the beaches & the sea. The plane took off & landed on the beach & dropped us off by the Maheno shipwrek where we met those who had driven up & took photos of the old wrek - the ship had been sold to the Japanese as scrap metal but as they were towing it home the rope snapped & it ended up here. After that we detoured from the schedule to go up onto the dunes and had a go at
Dawn gets wet!Dawn gets wet!Dawn gets wet!

This is at deep as Dawn would go in anywhere!
boarding down one of the steeper slopes. We then headed on up to the Champange pools - waves crash over the rocks into a hollow & the water bubbles & foams. It’s great fun to be sitting there when a big wave crashed & carries you a few feet towards the beach! We also headed up to Indian Head - a rocky outcrop from which you can look down & see sharks & turtles, dolphins & whales - all of which we did see! 😊 As well as lots of shore birds & some lovely ospreys. On the way back down the beach the bus broke down but luckily a couple of cars soon pulled up to help the bikini clad american chicks we had with us! We stopped off at Eli Creek - a nice place to float down to the beach but most people just walked through the water as it was quite shallow. I nabbed the inflatable tyre ring & floated down in that which was very relaxing except when the others were splashing me! Again it was a bit nippy but there was tea & muffins which helped! After that there was one more stop off
And relax!And relax!And relax!

I on the other hand did the thing properly!
to look out over a sandblow (interesting dunes which form when the sand is blow inland smothering the vegetation whoch then regenerates again from the beach edge & slowly these sandblows move across the island. After that is was back to Kingfisher Bay for supper & the ferry back to the mainland for those of us not staying for 3 days. The drive back was accompanied by Petes eclectic mix of music ranging from YMCA to Highway to Hell, from Indiana Jones theme to Under the Sea!

I was gutted to have to leave, I’m very tempted to apply for a work visa & try to get a rangers job on the island....

Additional photos below
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Carpet PythonCarpet Python
Carpet Python

Non-venomous if anyone was getting worried!
Little plane!Little plane!
Little plane!

It's an Airvan apparently.
Inside the wrekInside the wrek
Inside the wrek

Taken through a hole as you are not allowed inor on the wrek.

9th October 2010

Fraser Island update
Hi Gwen Lovely photos and info enjoy the rest of your hloiday. Expecting a call off Dawn soon her flight was delayed Be in touch soon x

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