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October 11th 2010
Published: October 12th 2010
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Yes - Dawn is wearing the Brisbane Wheel as a hat!
So we left Herevy Bay & flew to Brisbane on the Sunday, got the train into town & checked into the hostel. V crowded & not enough room or anything! Anyway we were tired & hungry so headed up the road to the next hostel to find food (there was a bar there) - but there was no veggie food on the menu so we asked the dude at the foody bit if he could do us a baked potato with cheese (potato with chicken curry was on the menu) & oh my did he manage that! It had cheese sauce & mozarella & a cheesey salad & the most grarlic buttery crouton I've ever had! Nom!!!

Monday was a lazy start then off for a free walking tour of the city with Alex. Was fairly interesting, saw giant lego men made out of milk crates climbing a building! Then a slow wander back to the Koala charity shop for souviners & to check bus times to Lone Pine for tomorrow...

Up early on Tuesday to go to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary... Firstly saw the sheepdog trial - Tim & Jim the Boarder Collies) and Rusty & ???? the
Paving mosaicPaving mosaicPaving mosaic

Pretty huh?
Australian Kelpies herded the dozen or so Merino sheep into a pen then we got shown how to shear a sheep! The fleece was lovely! Sorry Claire - I didn't bring any away with me! We then saw the feeding of the wild lorikeets (many rainbow lorikeets) on the way to the Koalas so Dawn could cuddle Barnicle the Koala. We also saw another raptor show, an Olive Python & several other animal presentations. Saw Tasmanian Devils too - much smaller than I thought! Aslo Dingo pups (awww!!!!) & many many Koalas, including babies!!! We hand fed kangaroos & saw a wombat being taken for a walk ona lead!! Fun day.

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Lego men!Lego men!
Lego men!

Made out of milk crates - how weird!
Random Art!Random Art!
Random Art!

Made from those weird vegetable strainers
Street artStreet art
Street art

Amazing artist using spray paints.
The finished artThe finished art
The finished art

Great isn't it?!
Fuzzy Wuzzy AngelsFuzzy Wuzzy Angels
Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

I swear that's what they callled 'em!
The old & the newThe old & the new
The old & the new

Lovely church surrounded by modern towers.
Dawn meets a KelpieDawn meets a Kelpie
Dawn meets a Kelpie

They run over the backs of the sheep when they are in a toght pen!

No need to say more!

Another Rainboe Lorikeet
Dawn makes a friendDawn makes a friend
Dawn makes a friend

His name is Barnicle
Baby KoalaBaby Koala
Baby Koala

Not meant to touch the fencing so I had to stand a little further back but you can just make out junior in the pouch!
On the moveOn the move
On the move

Mum & babu sneak past the keeper
Dingo pupsDingo pups
Dingo pups

So playful!

So much smaller than I thought!

23rd October 2010
Stolen kisses

When I conjured up individuals I might loose you too when you traveled I didn't actually ever think of one of these.

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