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March 5th 2010
Published: March 23rd 2010
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Day 98: Friday, March 5th, 2010.
Cape Tribulation, Australia.

Per the Contiki Brochure, "Discover Daintree National Park and its ancient rainforests today. Explore the lush greenery and incredibly colourful wildlife on an interpretive walk with your Local Guide, who’ll tell you about the plants and animals unique to this area. You’ll also learn about the Aborigines’ beliefs and why this area is important to them. Enjoy another swim in these fabulous outdoor surrounds at a swimming hole, before heading back to Cape Tribulation, where thick forests grow all the way down to the water’s edge. Keep your camera handy!"

Yup, brochure excerpt covered it pretty well. Richard, our local driver and tour guide for the rainforets, was a hoot. However, there are some big damn spiders up here- Golden Orb Spiders. We walked along the Marrdja Boardwalk and saw the amazing rainforest... and a lot of weird plants. One of which was called a Vicious Hairy Mary- had some killer thorns on it. Then there was the Vexing Vines, aka, Wait-a-While vine. That one had teeny tiny little thorns that instantly cling/latch on to whatever they touch. One slightly touched the sleeve on my shirt and it was strong enough that it jerked me back. Crazy. Another one, Strangler Fig vine, is a killer as well. It's vine that slowly covers the tree and chokes it to death and then the tree eventually disintegrates and you're left with the skeleton of a vine tree. Scary plants aside, we also did lots of swimming which always makes me happy (despite being stuck in spandex).

That afternoon, myself, Mark, Aiofa and Cam did the Jungle Trek which was various zip lines thru the rainforest (one of which we did hanging upside down.) A lot of fun, even if my camera batteries did die right at the beginning. Luckily the others hooked me up with pictures. That night we went down to the local hostel/restaurant and had a good hearty dinner- followed by more swimming. Yea!

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Stingray sting instructions.  Stingray sting instructions.
Stingray sting instructions.

Don't let anyone pee on you! Good advice in all walks of life in my book.

28th March 2010

You made money off of illegal killer plant fights?
According to the links, another name for the Wait-a-while is the Lawyer Vine. No joke needed.

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