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September 13th 2005
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Got to Cape Trib on coral reef coaches from PD at 10.30 which left just enough time to pop to the Sunday market and buy some fresh local pineapple for breakfast- ummmm.

The 2hr journey included a ferry trip croc-spotting on the Daintree river- luckily none to be found today. On the bus met Jackie and Hugh- a couple of conservation students. Hugh was an avid twitcher on the Cassowary trail and had just come from doing some work experience with frogs (cute!). (I know frogs arent birds by the way...)

Anyway I knew I was only gonna be around for 2 nights so went tour crazy and booked myself onto everything. First up- tropical fruit farm for exotic fruit tasting- Pomello, Black Sapote and lemon meringue pie fruit! Then went for a night walk. I would never go walking in a forest in the middle of the night back home- what posessed me I dont know! (when in Rome...?) We saw spiders, frog, bats, firefly, mouse, prawns, crickets and dragons! (honest- Boyds forest dragons!)

Next day did another reef tour - on the 'rum runner'- very funny crew and tiny boat. Reef was a lot clearer but it was a bit choppy for me- had to swim really hard just to keep still. Still worth it though- its so amazing to be out there. Found some clown fish this time. Do you know that if the female clown fish gets eaten the male clown fish will change sex? Now they didnt have that in finding nemo!!!

Cape trib is beautiful- I am stopping in the middle of the rainforest- literally- the electric is from a generator and the water is purified rain from the rainforest- you wake up at 6am from the birds and animals waking up around you.

You get a whole beach to yourself- or almost. I was chilling out in this bay by myself and this bloke comes round the corner in his birthday suit! Walked straight into the sea for some skinny dipping, and then layed out flat on his back to get his bits bronzed. He wasnt in earshot or Id have had cause to use that good ole aussie phrase- goodonyamate!

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Noodling aroundNoodling around
Noodling around

...on the reef. Ive discovered a new verb- to noodle- which means to float around hanging onto a big foam tube!
Cape TribCape Trib
Cape Trib

That classic guide book shot

16th September 2005

Deprived Childhood!
Wow. You only just brought it to my attention that you UK people have bee so seriously deprived of the childhood toy the is 'the pool noodle'. Glad to see you have done a bit of catching up now though! :-) MJ

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