Goodbye Queensland and Goodbye Phil - Day 27

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January 15th 2016
Published: January 31st 2016
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It's the last day of our travels as we fly back to Sydney for one more night at Melissa's before we leave for home.

I had booked a teatime flight back because I had expected to have squeezed in another activity but thanks to Phil we are satisfied that we have seen some hidden gems of the local rainforest waterfalls. We arrange a later checkout then go for a walk to see what Cairns has to offer in the day time. As it happens a tree full of bats in daylight - I thought bats hid in dark places during the day and only came out at night, apparently not always.

There is just enough time to get some last minute shopping and Martin and I go for a 'couples' massage while Melissa takes herself off to get her toes painted. The couples massage is just two beds in the same room separated by a curtain with two masseurs so not sure what was couplesome about that but it was good.

Phil has had to go back to work today but he meets us for a coffee before we leave. We have had an amazing holiday and we chat about unexplored travelling options and Phil who has family in Auckland offers us a family tour if we do decide to visit New Zealand. As it happens we also have family in Auckland so who knows perhaps one day.

We exchange thanks, Phil thanking us for the best left overs ever, we thanking him for his time and showing us the local hidden a gems, Melissa thanking him for dancing on the tables (obviously last night after we had gone to bed). What a great guy Martin says out of earshot of Melissa, just the sort of guy I hope she falls in love with and stays here with. I fear that he is just the sort of guy that she falls in love with and stays here with - I am looking forward to her coming home. (No doubt Melissa and Phil will cringe to read this but they were our thoughts and discussions.) Of course Martin would miss Melissa too but he is completely sold on the Aussie way of life and thinks it's a great way to live. Melissa's life however is not about what he thinks or what I think, it's about whatever makes her happy and I know whatever she chooses we would support her completely. In the meantime she is having a ball and that feels wonderful.

Final word for today has to be for Phil who slotted into our holiday so perfectly and seamlessly. Thank you again for your time, company, photos and videos. Good luck with


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