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January 16th 2016
Published: January 31st 2016
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It's time to go home but first there is time for a champagne breakfast with Melissa, Emily and Kayleigh. I have already blogged about how Melissa met Emily but Melissa's meeting with Kayleigh is just as spontaneous. Melissa met Kayleigh when they were both having their medical check ups in the UK which is a condition of working as a nurse in Oz. They found out that each were travelling alone and a common basis of their friendship was established. Kayleigh was leaving a few weeks ahead of Melissa but her plans were to permanently emigrate whereas Melissa's was planning a 2 year working holiday. Eighteen months on Melissa, Kayleigh and Emily remind me of the bond that she has with her best friends at home Hannah and Robyn.

The talk over breakfast naturally turns to future plans. Kayleigh remains clear that she will secure her permanent residency and citizenship. Emily had just this week decided to extend her time in Oz by another year. She has been incredibly successful work wise and her career opportunities are endless. Melissa is coming home in June but not if Kayleigh and Emily can influence her otherwise and even if she does, she must come back soon.

We talk about what it takes to get Permanent Residency (PR) status but I know Melissa will come home, she is missing her family and friends especially Hannah and Robyn and she is desperate to meet her niece Skye. Do you think you will return, I ask her? I know I can she says, but I don't have to think about it just yet, let's just see what happens.

Martin tells her that she is mad to come home and that she will regret it in no time. He sees a lifestyle that is simply not available in the climate of the UK and I get it. I know what he means, the outdoor lifestyle, dinner or drinks outside on the harbour, the ability to be able to plan a bbq and be certain it will be sunny, swimming at the beach or in fresh water pools etc etc creates a social atmosphere of a party. But like all the best parties, there comes a time when you just want to go home and get in your own bed - only you don't want to stay there forever. The question is how do you get the right balance when the party and home are on the opposite sides of the world?

It has been the holiday of a lifetime but we have to kiss goodbye. With tears stinging in my eyes we leave the girls to continue the party as Martin and I head for the airport. It feels as if we are leaving just as the party is in full swing and it reminds me of the childhood complaint that Melissa often recites about being made to come in an hour before the rest of her friends only now it is us that are having to leave early. Even the prospect of a bed on the plane fails to excite me as it did on the way out.


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