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December 17th 2008
Published: January 9th 2009
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Stingray at Green Island
And now we visit one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. The Great Barrier Reef is visible from space...but we opted for the cheaper viewing option - Snorkeling.

The under-water camera case was put to very good use. Who knew under-water photography would be so much fun??

Our day starts early. The boat leaves the dock at 8:30AM.

First stop is Green Island; a small coral cay. As we're walking down the warf toward the island to pick up our snorkeling gear what do we see over the side...but a Stingray! Not to worry, mates,he was only a little one. And not in the area we are meant to be snorkeling. But exciting all the same. ANd not uncommon in the water in this part of the world.

Andra finds the snorkeling at Green Island a bit overwhelming. The underwater life seems intimidating when you are this close. You can not put your feet down as it could kill the coral. This is just a bit too up-close for her. But after a bit of practice she's feeling better and ready to hit the big reef.

So back on the boat we travel 45km

Andra - Underwater Self-Portrait
off the coast to a floating platform over a large section of the reef. We spend a couple hours in this location exploring what there is to see. You have a few options for viewing once out there; an underwater submersible tour, scuba diving, just plain looking over the side of the boat, and of course, snorkeling!

What beautiful sites out there. Corals of all shapes, sizes and colours. And fish like the exotic and expensive ones you see at the pet store or on a National Geographic special, sharks, turtles and many unidentifed (for us) other living things.

We kept our eyes peeled for Nemo all day...but unfortunately we never saw him.

Wow! What a fantastic day!
Add the Great Barrier Reef to the list of things you must see before you die.

Next stop...Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest. We hear there are crocodiles there...

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Chris - Underwater Self-Portrait
Picasso TriggerPicasso Trigger
Picasso Trigger

This is at Green Island
Coral? Plants?  Fish!Coral? Plants?  Fish!
Coral? Plants? Fish!

Not sure if the weird stick-looking things are corals or plants.
Picasso with a Parrot FishPicasso with a Parrot Fish
Picasso with a Parrot Fish

Why can't we all get along like the fishes?
Mollusc of some kindMollusc of some kind
Mollusc of some kind

Weird looking shell thingy

Do you recognize this fish?
Picasso TriggerPicasso Trigger
Picasso Trigger

This is at Green Island

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