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August 19th 2009
Published: August 19th 2009
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I have arrived in Cairns but am feeling very homesick. It is smaller than I expected but does have some lovely parts. I had planned to stay in Cairns for a couple of months and work but unfortunately there does not seem to be much work available and Cairns currently has the highest unemployment in Australia. I have been told by other travellers that the hostel i am staying in is very good but I still got a shock and am missing home comforts. I had only booked three nights at this hostel and because I am feeling so lonely I have decided to go and stay with a child's grandparents from my class who have already kindly picked me up from the airport.

Although I had been told about the work situation when I arrived I still went job searching yesterday which was depressing! I am happy to do anything and enquired in Cafes, bars and agencies but no luck. One manager of a coffee shop said, "We have got a job coming up at the end of the week, can you use a coffee machine?" I replied, "Not had much experience but I am a quick learner!" He then bluntly told me that he has over 20 applicants and most have experience of working in a coffee shop. I then went for plan B of teaching. Although, I did want to do something different. The education department informed me that there is a lengthy registration process and fees involved. Finally I went to another agency. When I walked into the reception there was around 60 people in the waiting area!
I have met lots of people but they are all travelling with someone or as part of a group . Although it is nice to go out for a drink with people I wish I had a friend with me. I have maybe been too ambitious thinking I can do three months on my own. I am going to continue the job search and maybe head south to see if there are more options there. It is more expensive than I expected and funds are decreasing rapidly.
On a more positive note I have booked a trip to the great barrier reef on Friday. I am doing this early just in case I move South sooner than expected.
Hope all is well at home .
Hayley xx


21st August 2009

your adventure
Good to read of your 'doings' Hayley. Stick with it and ENJOY all you can. You are always up for a challenge, So positive thinking! Glad you are with the family, they sound great. love Margaret W

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