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August 23rd 2009
Published: August 23rd 2009
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Feeling much better now! I am staying in Edmonton just outside Cairns with Mr and Mrs Jensen (Kaitlyn’s and Matthew’s grandparents) I had a bad start in the hostel but will leave the horror stories out but have realised how good life is living with my parents back at home. Staying with Mr and Mrs Jensen is giving me a true picture of the Australian lifestyle and they made me feel at home instantly.

Last Thursday I went to the local Primary school and spent the morning in a year 3 class and the afternoon in prep. The children were learning about Harvesting Suagr CaneIt was very different to Christ Church. Uniform is not compulsory and they don’t even have to wear shoes. The children found my accent amusing and kept trying to mimic me. I am going to the school again tomorrow and teaching a lesson all about going to school in England.

I am still job searching but did get a phone call earlier today asking if I will go for an interview at an Italian restaurant along the Esplanade in Cairns tomorrow. (Keep your fingers crossed)

On Friday I went on a boat trip to ‘The great Barrier Reef’. First we snorkelled at Michaelmas Cay . Then we went on to Hastings Reef where we saw many more fish including nemo. I met some nice people on the boat. Yesterday after more job searching I went to Cairns festival with Matthew and Kaityln’s cousins. There was a parade, stalls and a fantastic firework display at the end.

Today, I went on the scenic train to Kuranda (Dad, I take back all the times I have laughed at you for going on a train journey on your own) I did feel a like ‘Billy no mates’ at first but soon met a couple from LA. We stopped at Barron falls, which I can imagine must be impressive in the wet season. When we arrived in Kuranda I spent most of my time at the sweet shop watching sweets being made and tasting them when they were still warm. Because I had spent so much time there I had to do a quick tour of the rain forest and walk along the creek. Before getting the sky train back. The sky train went quite fast, especially because I was in the pod on my own!

Sea star boat at Cairns pier

We finished the day with a BBQ!

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Hige fish

Yummy. Lemon, lime bitters

Cairns festival

Cairns lagoon

Renee, Mia and me

24th August 2009

Hope you are Ok
Hi Hayley, Just catching up with your travels as we have just got back from France after our holiday. It was really relaxing and very hot so we care all looking tanned now. I am pleased that you have decided to stay with the Jensen family for now. I am sure that they will be loking after you very well. I really admire your determination to enjoy your trip and I am sure that your personality will shine through and you will make some good friends in Oz. I will be really interested to hear how the teaching goes- I can imagine that it will be totally different to CC. The teachers that I have worked with from Australia have always been very creative and quite laid back as regards planning etc. I am getting the keys to my new school tomorrow so I will be putting all my own things into my office. I am getting rather nervous now as the time draws near. Keep positive and I am sure that you will be fine- thinking of you Love Jane x
25th August 2009

Hello from Taran
Hello Miss Balchin. It is really nice to hear from you. I am pleased to hear that it's all worked out well for you after all. I am haveing good time off. I went to Science Musium in London. It was a really good day out with my Daddy. It is a sunny day here today, so far so good. Not long to go until i return to school. Take care and hope to hear from you soon. Big hugs Taran by the way i hope you did get the job.xxxxx

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