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December 20th 2015
Published: December 20th 2015
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Friday 18 December

A day at sea.

The ship was only moving a little during the night, so a good night's sleep.

We stirred about 9.00 am and after showering went to to the Windjammer for breakfast.

On return to the cabin at 10.30 am, decided to purchase an internet package for the last two days of the cruise to catch up with the world. Unlimited access for two days and two devices was US$60. Was now able to post blog and pictures on FB, etc.

A copy of our account to date was provided in the cabin. We have been charged for some mini bar items which we hadn't used. Pat was going passed reception, so sorted it out with no problem.

Pat went to the Solarium area for a while later and we met for a light lunch at 2.45 pm.

Then a quiet afternoon in the cabin. We went to see the show at 7.00 pm, called Absolutely Fab, the ship singers and dancers performing their version of UK hits and then had dinner in the Windjammer afterwards. Back to the cabin 9.30 pm.

Procedures for disembarking are starting to be explained. The vessel arrives at 6.00 am Sunday. There is an option to go off under your own steam around this time, but we have time to kill really, so elected forr the latest possible departure, which is 8 to 8.30 am.

Saturday 19 December

A day at sea.

Again we stirred at 9.00 am, showered, then went to Windjammer for breakfast.

On return, more departure paperwork and luggage tags were in the cabin. Our luggage is to be outside the cabin tonight between 7 and 11 pm. We then await our departure from the Anchors aweigh lounge deck 5 from 8 am Sunday morning.

I packed and Pat went to the Solarium, for a quiet time. About 2 pm we lunched and then Pat did her packing.

Again a quiet afternoon. Pat wasn't fussed about seeing the final show, which was at 7.45 pm and only one performance. So we went up to a not very busy Windjammer at 7.30 pm and enjoyed our dinner. Back to the cabin at 9.00 pm.

We packed our last items in our main luggage, which had to be outside the room between 7.00 and 11.00 pm.

Not a late night, as up and at 'em in the morning.

Sunday 20 December

Departure day, our number for this morning is 18, expected to leave the ship between 8 and 8.30 am.

The ships clock goes back an hour overnight.

We had set an alarm for 7.00 am, but slept fitfully. We showered and packed our last remaining items in our backpacks and headed to deck 5. We were there at 7.45 am and it wasn't as crowded as we had both expected. Numbers up to 14 had been called to that time so, it was looking like everything was running reasonably well.

Our call came at just after 8.00 am and we were in no hurry, so let the masses swarm ahead. There was quite a queue at the on board check out, but we all ambled off gradually.

Going into the terminal was another lengthy queue but our number was called to bypass all these people and we were in the terminal and straight to our bags. It seemed that some people had been called but the luggage wasn't available for collection yet.

Border control was next and we had our landing cards ready. We had both filled in Yes to medicines. The officer asked us both about them and after answering simple questions sent us on our way. That was it. We were out and heading for a coffee by 8.30 am.

We had a room booked for tonight, with a check in of 2.00 pm. So with time to kill and having done some research, we had previously noted a cineema in the Portside Wharf area, where we are now, and there was according to the internetva 9.30 am showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We initially headed for a coffee and at 9.00 am, I headed to the cinema checked the film was on and asked if it was problem about our luggage.

The film was on and luggage was no problem. Two tickets purchased AUS$37.00, two lifts later, luggage stowed in the cinema and we were in for the film.

Not bad, one hour back from the cruise and watching Star Wars, it couldn't be better!

Great film and a wonderful way to kill time. We were in the world again at 12.00 pm and made our way to the Citycat at Bretts Wharf.

We didn' t have to wait long and our boat upriver came along. Off at Riverside and a manageable walk to the Meriton Apartments.

We arrived at 1.30 pm and were given our room straight away. The building is the tallest in the area by far and we are on floor 17. A good view, but not towards the river, sadly.

Our initial objective was actually to sort out some washing. The apartment / room has a washing machine and tumble dryer as part of the package, which by the way is AUS$106.35 for one night ( about £50 so a really good deal). We have 10 days plus of washing, so a good chance to catch up.

Pat put a load in the machine and we then headed off for food, as we hadn't eaten yet.

Some places were shut. but we ended up in The Groove Train, were we had had a drink before. Pat chose a club sandwich and chips and I had a chicken and noodles dish. With drinks AUS$55.30.

We popped into Woolworths on the way back and picked up some supplies.

Back to the room 3.00 pm. Pat ploughed through the washing and drying and things are clean again.

We decided we couldn't be bothered to go out again. So we ate our cream cakes and snacked. We have both eaten more than enough on the cruise, so a little less food is a good thing.


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