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November 3rd 2010
Published: November 3rd 2010
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Up nice and early with the sunshine and ready to go to the Zoo. Mum started the day off with a bowl of cornflakes but instead of putting a bit of sugar on top she managed to sprinkle some coffee on top instead!! Bless she was still half asleep and thought it was brown sugar!! Good job we had the ducks around to pass the cornflakes onto!!

Both me and mum were really looking forward to it and looks like the weather is on our side. Got to the Zoo just after it opened at 9am and once we were inside there was no stopping us.
There is so much to see and after a look at the crocodiles and through the Birds we were at the Kangaroo walk through. It was so nice to be able to walk around and see them jumping around or just laying in the sun!! We didn't realise you could feed them so had to find where the food was! After quite a while just sat there with the Roo's we were onto the next bit. My favourite bit, the Koala walk through. It was great you could pet the Koala and get really close to them. There was even some very small baby Koala's in there.

The famous Steve Irwin crocodile show was really good and well worth a watch. On the way in we found somewhere to get your photo taken HOLDING a Koala. Lets just say I was like the fat kid in the candy shop!! I couldn't believe it, anyway both mum and I had a photo holding a baby gator and holding a Koala. It made my day for sure!!
All of the park is so nicely done and you can tell it is done with love, It is so clean and all of the animals are kept very well. The talks about the animals were good and we managed to get to most of them.
By the time 5pm was coming around it was a quick dash to the shop to get some food to go and feed the kangaroo's. That was alot of fun, only me and mum left down there with about 20 kangaroos in a field. We ended up with 2 each eating out of our hands. What a nice way to finish of the day.

After we had such a nice time staying at the camp site last night we decided to go back there as it was only just down the road. For some reason there were loads of flies in the camp so shut the door up and i was having a killing session. Unfortunately mum decided to TRY and help........ When she whipped the t-towel out from underneath the glass of apple juice (she didn't see the glass, she wasn't trying out her magic tricks!!) and sent it flying across the bed we decided it was better i did the fly killing and Mum sat still!!! Bad things was the sheets got soaked and also the bed got soaked so had to clean everything down turn stuff over and just make do!!

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