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August 9th 2012
Published: August 12th 2012
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So apparently I'm not posting enough on here because of the stupid 3 hours internet a week soooo... I'm writing this on Thursday 9th and saving it until I next get some internet and get online! So will be a few days out of date, but it's better than nothing! :D Working hard at Beula Sun doing the tomatoes, done 7 days now and my back is killing me being bent over the bench for 8 hours a day. But if it enables me to get my 2nd visa I just gotta grin and bare it. Also driving to and from work every day which is different! Exactly the same, as in same side of the road (all single track though, no dual carriage-ways!), right hand drive, but the indicators and windscreen wipers are switched around which is still throwing me on occassions! But I'm getting there, the only thing that's going to take a while of getting used to is the amount of road kill out here! The number of roos I see every day on the side of the road, or sometimes still in the middle of the road is horrible! I deffinately get a shiver down my spine every time I see that, especially on my 2nd day I think it was, I ran over 2 carcass' and felt the crunch and it was awful, I was nearly sick! (Hope nobody was eating while reading that!!) Still bloody freezing in the evenings but HOT in the days, going to be 26c tomorrow it said on the radio. Making some friends here, a new English girl arrived the other day, so I'm no longer the only one which I'm very pleased about 😊 My plans have changed now for between the time I'm here and when Adam comes out in January. After I've completed my 3 months farming, I will be heading west and doing the west coast going to Ayers Rock, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and finishing in Melbourne (flying most places). Will be travelling for about 4 weeks doing those places, then waiting in Melbourne for Adam to arrive on 11th January give or take a day or so. Not sure how long I'll be here to complete my farming as if you're on one farm for 3 months, no matter how many days you've worked, that's your regional done. But if the farm no longer needs you and you're put onto a new farm, the game changes slightly and it goes on how many days you've actually worked... has to be 88 days which would take me to end of November I think if I continue working 5 days a week. But, the farm I'm on has work with tomatoes up until the end of September, then the other fruits like paw paws come into harvest sooo if I get to stay there, I should be done by end of October! Just got to wait and see really! Got everything crossed as would rather not work my birthday but if I have to, so be it. Other plans made after Adam arrives, but not set in stone but roughly going to head up the east coast together, get a camper and do that for 6 weeks. So unsure of how long I'll be here, therefore unsure how long I'll be in Melbourne, but if I'm there for a month or so, there is more regional work there, which won't be necessary but will pass the time and will save up a few extra dollars for travelling back up north! But I should definately be there for Christmas and New Year, who knows, will go see my Auntie Jackie and see a familiar face over the festive season as it's going to be a very hard time as my first Christmas away from England and my family! But all is panning out well and I'm happy with my plans so far, just got to work hard between now and then and save as much money as I can for eventually in February choosing where I'd like to settle and getting myself an apartment or something. Campers to hire are very pricey, yet still cheaper than flights and accomodation combined and also have flexibility to go and do as we please. So hiring is an option but buying a camper is only slightly more expencive to buy, so I may decide to buy one then sell it once we've finished with it, and not loose out on as much money! When I get to Melbourne that's something I've got to investigate! Then dependant on the situation in February, maybe get a cheap car if need be, all depends on where I'm working and where I'm living... We'll have to wait and see!!! Anyway I've rambled enough I think, and dotted all around the place, and pretty much filled you in on the not so thrilling life in Atherton... working, sleeping, reading, writing, swimming, walking. Pretty much it at the moment, trying to save money for my west and east coast travels 😊 Tarah for now


16th August 2012

Thank you for posting an entry on your blog much appreciated as NOT ALL OF US DO FACEBOOK!!! Now you will have to work out how to post a few ppictures on there, I dont want much. Ha ha! Your life sounds very interesting it seems as if you have a lot of saving up to do to achieve all you want to do. Looking forward to you next instalment X

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