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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands July 28th 2018

I managed to get up for morning birding this morning which was nice because there was a lot of bird activity despite the fact that it was absolutely freezing cold (11 degrees) although my cold is definitely getting better because I was able to keep warm somewhat (as would normally be the case for me even down into the single digit negatives). 11 degrees is quite cold for a tropical rainforest though. (Well, almost tropical) I didn't get up to see the lunar eclipse because the moon was up all night scaring off all th hundreds of pygmy possums that would have otherwise come out and then the moon had the gall to expect me and look at it. Selfish and self-entitled that moon. Does anyone really like it? All it does is sit there not ... read more
Spotted Catbird
Sarus Cranes
Sarus Cranes

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands July 25th 2018

I got up this morning for the dawn chorus because although I was feeling coldy and I had seen all of the usual target species, I wanted to make the most of being in such nice habitat at dawn. I went down to look for the platypus because I thought it might be active in the morning and I would like to get a picture in daylight, but no such luck. O did, however find a particularly wonderful mammal out and about in the morning: a Yellow-footed Antechinus. After check out time, we headed on to our next stop in the town of Atherton on the Atherton Tablelands proper. I think this was the longest drive of the trip but it wasn't really very long at all and the whole tableland area is not very large ... read more
Mareeba Rock Wallaby
Mareeba Rock Wallaby
Mareeba Rock Wallabies

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands June 22nd 2016

In the morning I had planned to start the day with the Cairns Esplanade, but of course we got in very late the previous night and the tour booked for that day started just after seven rather than just after nine as I thought for some reason. Anyway, the previous day was all stuff that I wanted to do as was, to be honest, every other day of the entire time in Queensland, so this tour was something that my aunt wanted to do. She wanted to visit a place called Paronella Park so we booked a tour that went there as well as a few other places in the Atherton Tablelands which did of course give plenty of time to bird along the way. So we were picked up by the tour in a largeish ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands October 30th 2015

After a long day on the Great Barrier Reef we had a more gentle day pottering around our rainforest house. In the late evening we ventured out to Crystal Cascades, a beautiful nearby park formed around a river which dropped in a series of shallow waterfalls into swimming holes. We spent a little time in the water but not much as it was cold and the river bed was sharp rocks. Next day however we had some amazing swimming opportunities. We set off early and went southwards, through Cairns and then down the Bruce Highway to Gordonvale. Here we turned onto the Gillies Highway which is essentially 40km of bends winding up a steep hill through the rainforest into the Great Dividing Range. After two km I was bored, after five I felt sick and started ... read more
Under the Curtain at Millaa Millaa
Millaa Millaa
Atherton Tablelands

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands » Danbulla Forest September 18th 2015

Woke up pretty early this morning to do a tour of the Atherton Tablelands. Was out of the house by 7am. The tour began with the guide giving everyone a hug as they got on the bus. We then had to go around and say our name, how old we are, where we're from, etc. There were a bunch of Germans and Brits, a Swedish girl, a Canadian girl and a family from Northern Ireland. Our first stop was cathedral fig tree. It is by far the biggest tree I've ever seen in my life! The tree was one of 5 trees used to design the tree in avatar. Pretty stunning how big it is. Next we stopped at lake eacham. It's a really pretty lake that formed in the crater of a volcano. We went ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands July 9th 2015

So Guys the bus picked me up nice and early, we then continued to get others from hostels around Cairns. After some roundabouts and U turns, just cause we could, cousin lynzy took us to the devil's pools. These are huge pools created by the water pushing small rocks around in circles, similar to a washing machine. This area is far too dangerous to swim in but I got some awesome pictures. We went down to a calm wide section where we could swim across the river. After the swim we had biscuits, cake and tea, before heading off to the next destination. Rock sliding, we climbed into the pool where the water fall ran into and swam across to the huge rock, climbed up and shimmied along to the water flowing over the rock, then ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands May 24th 2015

Tue 28 Apr Atherton Tablelands Barefoot Tours On Tue we were picked in a very colourful minibus up by Brett from Barefoot Tours. Started with a hug so we knew we were in for a very laid back day. We began by having to introduce ourselves with our name, marital status, where we came from, profession and whether we folded or scrunched our toilet paper! You just knew how the day was going to go! Brett had several catchphrases: "Questions?" Was an invitation to ask about anything we wanted to know and "Any interesting Facts?" was an invitation for us to share any facts we knew, preferably something to do with genitalia was the request. Tom and I were probably the oldest guests on the tour but it was good to just go with the flow ... read more
Silly faces and lollies on bus
Silly bus selfie!
Lake Eacham

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands » Yungaburra April 25th 2015

Geo: -17.2705, 145.58325 April 2015At the end of the last blog I mentioned that we were going up to The Daintree and that Jim had hurt his back. We rested in Cairns for a three nights and then the pain in Jim's back seemed to go much worse so he went to the doctor. After making him do a number of movements (some accompanied by loud groans!) the doctor decided rest and painkillers were all that was required. He seems to have been correct as Jim is almost fully recovered but it did take three weeks during which time he was not able to drive.So I drove up to The Daintree, and more scary, across the ferry. The Daintree area is where the rainforest runs down to the sea. Once you cross the Daintree River (that's ... read more
To show size of Cassowary
Oops, getting a little close!
Snakes leaving tunnel to sit in trees

Yep we reached the coast again. Spent a few moments in Cairns, up to Kuranda cause Goff likes trains, then onto Daintree, Crocodiles and finally Cooktown. And there you have it . The 3 C's Ah yep in between we also looked at Port Douglas. Goff went sunset sailing and we watched a movie under the stars. Most impressive of course it was to finally get to Cooktown. Amazing. Did the Bloomfield track or more to the point the Bloomfield track did us. Anyhow just a minor hiccup in a ditch. Had to happen sooner or later. Now we are near Atherton Tablelands. Staying in a magnificent NP Lake to the right , lake to the left. Finally finally nothing to worry about in the water. Anywhere up north the ocean is deprived of human activity ... read more
sunrise over lake tinaroo
 mission beach sunset
goff out sailing

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