Arrived in Atherton!

Published: July 27th 2012
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Well I have a job! I'm now in Atherton which was a 1hr 45min drive from Cairns. Arrived this morning, and just got myself a little settled in, unpacked a few bits etc as I'm going to be here to 3-4 months hopefully! Only getting 3 hours internet a week so contact with everyone online will be minimal! Mostly phone calls. I'm doing pretty good, up in the tablelands which is beautiful 😊 missing everyone lots! Little jealous you're weather back home is better than mine here, and here in Atherton it's not as warm as in Cairns, but still pleasant enough! Anyway just a little one to say I'm OK and whats new, doubt much will happen until I start working, it's quite a small town, the other backpackers here have been telling me how awful it is here so got LOTS to look forward to... Ah well, it is what you make of it so hopefully I can find something to keep me amused while I'm waiting for the work to start (1 week hopefully!) Anyway, toodles!!! xxx


29th July 2012

Really enjoying your blog you will have to find out how to attach photos. What kind od work do you think you will be doing? Mum Dad and gran are coming to Aldershot next sunday so will maybe able to get more goss then. Take careX

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