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Woke up pretty early this morning to do a tour of the Atherton Tablelands. Was out of the house by 7am. The tour began with the guide giving everyone a hug as they got on the bus. We then had to go around and say our name, how old we are, where we're from, etc. There were a bunch of Germans and Brits, a Swedish girl, a Canadian girl and a family from Northern Ireland. Our first stop was cathedral fig tree. It is by far the biggest tree I've ever seen in my life! The tree was one of 5 trees used to design the tree in avatar. Pretty stunning how big it is. Next we stopped at lake eacham. It's a really pretty lake that formed in the crater of a volcano. We went ... read more

Yep we reached the coast again. Spent a few moments in Cairns, up to Kuranda cause Goff likes trains, then onto Daintree, Crocodiles and finally Cooktown. And there you have it . The 3 C's Ah yep in between we also looked at Port Douglas. Goff went sunset sailing and we watched a movie under the stars. Most impressive of course it was to finally get to Cooktown. Amazing. Did the Bloomfield track or more to the point the Bloomfield track did us. Anyhow just a minor hiccup in a ditch. Had to happen sooner or later. Now we are near Atherton Tablelands. Staying in a magnificent NP Lake to the right , lake to the left. Finally finally nothing to worry about in the water. Anywhere up north the ocean is deprived of human activity ... read more
sunrise over lake tinaroo
 mission beach sunset
goff out sailing

25-8-11 headed off after saying goodbye to Tom & Di to go to Lake Tinaroo in the Atherton Tablelands. After Navman lead us astray twice & nearly got us lost, we arrived at the most beautiful lake, where we are going to stay for a week to have a bit of R & R. We have flushing Loo’s & we can run the generators & it is only $74.20 for a week. We set up & cooked tea & this very cheeky Kookaburra came down & pinched a sausage off Warwick’s plate. 26-8-11 happy birthday Cheryl, girlfriend, have a great day. We had a great morning in the kayaks, fishing & exploring, but the fish are on holidays. The boys went off & collected a whole lot of tree trunks & had trouble cutting them up, ... read more
125   25-8-11   Lookout near Cairns
129a   26-8-11  Lake Tinaroo
131   26-8-11  Lake Tinaroo

July 26, 2011 Sitting in the hostel office last night talking to John and Kerry about I should do today, we decided what I needed was a day with Uncle Brian. I needed a break from the reef . Uncle Brian is a little strange but loads of fun. I can't wait to meet the family. Uncle Brian is a tour of the rainforest, the Atherton tablelands and swimming like no other tour around. They promise fun, food and waterfalls with little to no effort. SIGN ME UP! At 8:00 AM Cousin Brad picks me up in Gus the Bus and 20 other cousins for the day. It's a family bus so we are all family for the next 12 hours. Our family heads south out of Cairns and travel through the small village of Babinda ... read more
Killer bird
The hair  flick pose
take 2

Friday morning I left for my 3 day little road trip. I rented an old Toyota Corolla with no A/C…a big sacrifice to make this time of year in the wet tropics. But it was the cheapest option. So I headed out to Babinda Boulders to take a look at the smooth, carved granite of the boulders and to take a dip in the clear rock pools there. It was quite refreshing even at 10 in the morning. After that I headed down to the two-tier Josephine Falls. The waterfalls are quite spectacular this time of year with all the rain. I had another dip there and took a turn sliding down a huge granite boulder. After that there was a small afternoon shower, of course. But I found a campground near another set of waterfalls ... read more
Cathedral Fig
Babinda Boulders

DAY 343 Today is our last morning at the gorgeous Lake Tineroo, the campsite is actually called Fong-On Bay, we have come to love it here. Caroline was up before me which is usually unheard of, but with the promise of a cup of tea, I got my lazy back side out of bed. For the next couple of hours all we had to do was pack up, as we needed to be back in Cairns by no later than 3.00pm to see Julie before she heads off for the weekend. It seems surreal, we have been up to what is classed as the “last frontier” of Australia, Cape York, for a mini adventure which we started from Julies house just over 2 weeks ago and now the circle will close for this part of the ... read more
The Indians are coming
Ready to pull out
Looking up

DAY 342 5.00am this morning I was wake, rolling around the bed trying not to disturb Caroline, I was awake before the light and as soon as the day came up the birds “kicked off” in the tree just over from our trailer, I wondered if they were each speaking to the specific members of their bird family or other members of the bird world some where else in the same tree, or where they just making a noise, or had they something important to say, it is fascinating listening to them I was so glad to wake up at Fong-on Bay at Lake Tineroo, as it’s the place where we went to sleep last night strangely enough, it is a most beautiful place and we love it, its our 3rd time here in a ... read more
Lake Tineroo

DAY 292 Awaking to the beautiful Fong - On Bay again, not at all damp this morning, the night was warmer, cloudy but no fog, so for a change everything was dry, just as well as I had forgotten to fold the chairs away last night, they were still by the fire. There was no huge dawn chorus this morning, all that noise seemed to be in the distance. Andy got out of bed to make the tea and I soon followed. I could see that the pigeons that disturbed us yesterday morning were now disturbing Ian and Jean, they were all tap dancing on the top of their caravan and when they finished with that they went and tap danced on their Landcruiser. It was a lovely cool morning, still cloudy and somewhat refreshing, ... read more
Morning at Lake Tineroo
Caroline bothering Kooki in the Tree
Morning Fire

DAY 291 We woke up this morning to a beautiful day at Fong - on bay, Lake Tineroo, although the sun was starting to climb it had not appeared over the top of the mountain, it was a very damp morning, Caroline tells me she looked out in the night and it was very very foggy outside. The pigeons were tap dancing on the roof of the tent, they seem to pick on one particular tent or caravan and congregate, do lots of running around to make sure the occupant is now well and truly awake. Caroline was out of bed first, she got straight out of bed, grabbed her camera and wandered off in her Pyjamas to get some photo’s of the lake and mountains covered in low cloud. When she got back she put ... read more
Early Morning at lake Tineroo
Early Morning at lake Tineroo
Early Morning at lake Tineroo

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