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May 12th 2017
Published: May 16th 2017
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This is going to be a huge day. The Tigers play Souths and I'm looking forward to another crushing defeat (of Souths) so I can lord it over Red for a little longer and while we are on the subject you may not be aware that we've had 5 consecutive wins against Souths.This requires a lot of planning. So after a coffee and breakfast we headed out to the Olgas. After going the wrong way for about 50 minutes I now know that we've renamed that Kata Tjuta. Now I'm not concerned that we've renamed everything although if I was Queen Olga I'd be pretty pissed. I also wonder what we've got planned for Sydney. The Olgas are every bit as spectacular as Uluru. We weren't quite up to the base walk (and we had to get back in time for the game) but we decided to do the first two stages of the Valley of the Winds, we met a nice couple (well until I realised they had a caravan) from Lithgow. On the way my shoes stared to fall apart which was sub-optimal given we still had about 6 ks to go. I managed to flop along until the end, Becs reckons I need a new pair but they were top of the range Scarpas when I bought them 22 years ago. However Becs and I have a new saying WWWD. So when we got back we went to the supermarket and I put WWWD* into effect and bought super glue for my shoes I put We headed out to the Uluru Sunset Carpark and I set up the tripod. My neighbour had said you should take a photo every 5 minutes so I'll be interested to see how that works out. There were a couple of blokes sitting on their tinnie watching the sunset (not really sure where they were fishing though). I have to be honest buffets worry me. I hadn't spotted any kids and we were getting there at 6 (so we could watch the game) which was all positive, but I had seen Asian tourists. There are a bunch of things that I hate. Why do older people always open up all the bain maries to see what's inside when there a sign and why do people always use there fingers when there's a sign about that as well. Anyway the buffet was pretty good and we won't talk about the game.

* What Would Wilko Do?


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