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August 26th 2013
Published: August 26th 2013
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Hi everyone,

You know Kangaroojack doesn't ask much of you guys, well that is going to change.

Very shortly a new blogger is going to make a big splash on this great travel forum and they go by the blog name of the Ski Set , now we would be very grateful, if you would send these lovely people some great messages and tell them what wonderful blogs they are providing, to give them a good start.

Now Ted and Jan, who are the
SkiSet have played a massive part in our Australian life and we have had some great adventures together, so this little promotional request is the least that we could do.

Please subscribe to their blog as from past experience they will deliver an excellent blog for you to enjoy.

Happy travels.



26th August 2013

Hi Guys, Wow!! Talk about no pressure!! :) Guess we have no choice now but to "go public". What had started out to be a news forum for family and friends whilst we are away on our forthcoming trip ..... (down to 2 weeks now, come Thursday), we have suddenly been catapulted onto the world-wide stage .... and under the spotlights! :) Like anything new, I'm a bit afraid of stuffing it up (what there is to stuff up, I'm not too sure :) but, anyway, will give it my (our) best shot. Thanks very much for the promo. We'll try and do you proud although, KJ, we do have big shoes to fill. :) All our love, Jan & Ted (alias The SkiSet)
27th August 2013

Stuffing Up
Don't worry Jan, you won't stuff up! There are some great people on this site to help you out if you get any problems.
27th August 2013

We met Jan at the Sydney TB get-together. Lovely person. Looking forward to reading about her travels. Sorry to read about your vehicle troubles. Glad you are back on the road. John
27th August 2013

Thank you
Thanks John and Sylvia, we too are glad to be back on the road, fingers crossed all goes well for the next part of the trip, we will be remote again for a few days and probably without Telstra for a while. Looking forward to getting back to some bush camping! KJ

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