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June 12th 2014
Published: June 19th 2014
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Nothing like a steaming cup of coffee (courtesy of Lourens) to kick start a hike up the gorge. The boys were lifted into the bus in their PJ’s at the last minute. It was icy cold for most of the morning. We drove into the Kata-Tjuta National Park once more, this time to watch the sunrise over Kata-Tjuta. Whereas I found Uluru sombre, oppressive, secretive and forbidding, even dirty; this morning’s outing was a highlight of the trip so far. I found the domes welcoming; intriguing, enticing, the walk up the gorge was bracing, exhilarating and uplifting. I still can’t get over how green and lush the vegetation is.

On the way back Kylan and I shared a fantasy moment collecting magic pebbles for our friends back home. It has long been my tradition to collect a rock for my kids at home and give it to them to return to its rightful place; a way to encourage them to travel and widen their horisons. So I was intrigued to hear Kylan say that all things must go back to where they come from. I must find out if it relates to some or other story he has heard at school or on TV.

Alex was our SE.IT guide and he gave us some Aborigine info that answered many questions. Particularly interesting was; the mid-1980’s discovery of a tiny completely new tribe and the sad story of their largely unsuccessful integration into modern civilisation. He served up a yummy brekky, complete with raisin toast. You will see in the photos that a young German tourist took a tiny gas bottle, frying pan and eggs to cook breakfast while the sun rose.

Back in camp we explored town square, play-park and did some food shopping for our evening braai. Jurie and I debated whether to buy our Aussie hats here or not. We did not. We are gonna regret not capturing our Outback memory in proper hats, something we both wear all the time. There was some aborigine dancing late afternoon which intrigued the kids. It reminded us a little of bushmen dancing and body painting as seen in the movies back home.

Our evening braai was short-lived. It’s just too cold outside to sit and chat for too long. We are all convinced we saw a dingo slinking through camp, sniffing at empty campsites and nosing around the trashcans. We all followed the kids to bed pretty soon. I guess the adults are all working on mobile phones and ipads under warm duvets.

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Portable gas toasterPortable gas toaster
Portable gas toaster

Raisin toast was yummy

19th June 2014
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