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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta August 18th 2015

There are no words to describe the beauty and serenity of Kata Tjuta. It is an awe-inspiring place. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to hike and climb my way through seven miles of its beautiful landscapes. Many thanks to the Anangu people who share their sacred land with men and women from every corner of the world. May this place inspire everyone who arrives here on their journeys. ... read more
Aaron and I at the First Lookout
Aaron - Valley of the Wind Trail
Second Lookout

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta July 3rd 2015

It was during the summer holidays last year when I got a bonus from work and I decided to spend it all on travel. I flew to Australia to see the famous Uluru rock in the Northern Territory’s hot desert. Alice Springs town had great and affordable accommodation so I checked into one of the hotels. I was anticipating to see the sunset that evening so I hired a car and drove to the rock. It was about four hundred kilometers from Alice Springs town. The road towards the rock was sandy and very dusty. The area was flat and dry with scarce vegetation. All I could see through the window were scattered shrubs, thorny trees and grass. On arrival at the foot of the mountain, I met other people who wanted to see the sunset. ... read more
Roads in the Kata-Tjuta National Park
Foothills of the Uluru

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta March 29th 2015

After we left Uluru, we headed to Kata Tjuta, or the Olga Mts. about 70 kilometers away. Named the Olga Mts by Europeans, in the 90's the government returned it to it's aboriginal name and hyphenated it along with the Olgas. There is a major difference between Uluru and the KJ's, Uluru is sandstone which heaved up at a 90 Angle and extends 5 - 6 kilometers below the surface, and KJ is conglomerate which eroded into large rounded domes. Both of them developed millions of years ago when underwater mountains appeared as water levels went down leaving two alluvial fans. THe water rose again, and when it receded, it eroded the mountains. The conglomerate, being heavier, washed into the first fan. The smaller rocks and pebbles slipped into the second fan. As the mountains kept ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta March 3rd 2015

Hi Everyone, Woke at 5am, and left the campsite by 5.30am to head to a look out point of Uluru for the sunrise. We had a breakfast of beaked beans, cereal, toast and fruit bread at the look out point at around 6.30am. Our main part of the day was to walk Kata Tjuta, it is called the Valley of the Winds walk (including the Karu and Karingana lookout points), 7.4km 3 hours. It was spectacular!!! We took so many amazing photos but they have disappeared off the camera and computer, we are devastated and hope to get some off the others on the tour. I took some off the internet to show you how amazing it was!!! We had an early lunch at a local picnic site- Mexican nachos…delicious. In the afternoon we went in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta September 13th 2014

The Olgas or Kata Tjuta are another strange rock formation rising from the desert floor. From a distance they look like a long-forgotten mountain range with rounded tops. Upon closer inspection, one can see both similarities and differences to Uluru. The color and the “skin” are the same, but The Olgas are much greener, and instead of one lonely monolith, there are several dome-shaped hills. They reminded me of loaves of bread that had been clumsily-shaped by giant unseen hands. As the brilliant mid-day sun shone down on them, I wondered how long have they sat there in such isolation? I also wondered whether Uluru and the Olgas connected at one time?... read more
Walk into Kata Tjuta
David on the trail at KataTjuta
Mal & Michele admiring Kata Tjuta

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta June 12th 2014

Nothing like a steaming cup of coffee (courtesy of Lourens) to kick start a hike up the gorge. The boys were lifted into the bus in their PJ’s at the last minute. It was icy cold for most of the morning. We drove into the Kata-Tjuta National Park once more, this time to watch the sunrise over Kata-Tjuta. Whereas I found Uluru sombre, oppressive, secretive and forbidding, even dirty; this morning’s outing was a highlight of the trip so far. I found the domes welcoming; intriguing, enticing, the walk up the gorge was bracing, exhilarating and uplifting. I still can’t get over how green and lush the vegetation is. On the way back Kylan and I shared a fantasy moment collecting magic pebbles for our friends back home. It has long been my tradition to collect ... read more
It's really cold
Sunrise at last
This German tourist has the right idea

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta June 11th 2014

I guess I’ll let the photos tell the tale. Our sunset tour started 14h00 and took us in various forms; walking and driving all around the base of Uluru with Rebecca of SE.IT being a very able tour guide and storyteller. I have to admit I find this piece of rock oppressive, moody and unwelcoming. There are far too many secrets; too much that is sacred. I am inclined to think if that is what it is; then let it be entirely. But as the aborigine ancestors snakes twisted and turned themselves into shapes and monuments on the rock I did learn for the first time that if you see non-venomous snakes around be at ease because they eat and destroy the venomous ones. The sun let us down and set very quietly behind a massive ... read more
Geography lessons in the sand
Family Walkabout
In the classroom

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta June 10th 2014

With last year’s visit to the Cedarberg mountains and a not too long ago visit to Golden Gate in the Free State still etched in memory I find it hard to wax lyrical over Mt Connor; much less get excited over at last spotting some cattle. This is a cattle station, right? But I am being unfair. We did see some of the big red kangaroos too. NO we did not get to see Uluru. Lazy morning again, experiencing life as in a stuffed sausage. 6 folks in a campervan. We are not doing too badly so far. The kids are amazingly adaptable. Brekky in our teeny dining room was cosy and chatty. At 14h30 we left for our tour of the cattle station with James from SE.IT as our guide. Lake Swanson was a surprise. ... read more
Curtin Springs pump attendant?
Blogging away
A moment on the salt pan - Swanson Lake

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta June 9th 2014

Cross legged in the cabin roof 2014-06-09 Well that’s where I am… used to a lot more exercise than singing and clapping along in the campervan with the knee-hi’s and my body still on Africa time it’s really hard to settle down and sleep. Our bed is above the driver’s seat and I have drawn the curtain, hopefully I am not disturbing the rest of the family. If I do I’ll have to go and sit in the pub and who knows what that’ll bring. Just kidding. We are at Curtin Springs; having passed thru Stuart’s Well Station and Erldunda. And I have just queued for my $3 shower. It’s been our longest travelling day and the latest start because we still had to collect the camper and go thru the handover lesson. This outback is ... read more
Another dinosaur
Accom in Alice Springs
A glimpse of Alice in the experience

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta April 2nd 2014

The excitement built up on the long 5 hour drive from Alice Springs to the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. This was to be the fulfilment of a lifetime ambition to see Uluru (Ayers rock). A boring drive was anticipated through a flat terrain of red desert but in fact there was quite a lot of greenery with some trees and shrubs. Overall the journey was quite scenic and didn't seem to take too long. There was however the sheer sense of isolation and being in the middle of nowhere far from civilisation. In fact we hardly saw any vehicles en route. Just the occasional road train with supplies or a coach with tourists. We felt very much alone in the emptiness of the red centre of Australia. Our first view of Uluru was from the ... read more
The red centre
Uluru 2
Uluru 3

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