Slinking around Uluru - Poisonous snakes vs harmless ones 2014-06-11

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June 11th 2014
Published: June 18th 2014
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Let's see if this ROCK is what it's cracked up to be?
I guess I’ll let the photos tell the tale. Our sunset tour started 14h00 and took us in various forms; walking and driving all around the base of Uluru with Rebecca of SE.IT being a very able tour guide and storyteller.

I have to admit I find this piece of rock oppressive, moody and unwelcoming. There are far too many secrets; too much that is sacred. I am inclined to think if that is what it is; then let it be entirely.

But as the aborigine ancestors snakes twisted and turned themselves into shapes and monuments on the rock I did learn for the first time that if you see non-venomous snakes around be at ease because they eat and destroy the venomous ones.

The sun let us down and set very quietly behind a massive bank of clouds. After more champagne; humus and bread we headed home to put our sleepy knee-hi’s to bed.

The ablution facilities here are an upgrade to those at Curtin Springs. I took some pics. See below. Interesting: A mop in a bucket at the entrance invites showers users to mop up before you leave; it seems to work quite well. We had an opportunity to do some laundry in same style as back home. We also added a 6 berth cabin to our sleeping arrangements in Yulara Park; Jurie and I chose to have the camper to ourselves for the night. Mental note to self: always introduce the odd “night out” when travelling with more than the immediate family unit in a camper. It just gives both sides a moment to recharge. A pleasant evening of chatting at the dining-area on the porch (despite the wintery air) with a selection of cheeses, crackers and bread made us all mellow and a little reluctant at the thought of tomorrow’s very early start. Our alarms have been set for 5h30 in anticipation of the Kata-Tjuta sunrise viewing and Katyla Gorge walk. Scroll down for pics

Additional photos below
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A real knotA real knot
A real knot

Getting knotted in all this history, myth and geography.
Yulara VillageYulara Village
Yulara Village

For those in the know, the village is much the same setup as Satara Camp in the Kruger Park
Yulara parkYulara park
Yulara park

At Satara that would have been a rondawel. Our addition to sleeping arrangements for a night
Cabin - Yulara VillageCabin - Yulara Village
Cabin - Yulara Village

Mom and Da can sleep here. We''ll stay in the room on the roof
Yulara VillageYulara Village
Yulara Village

A kitchen to spread out in . Well... all things are relative

19th June 2014
The place itself

We loved our time at Ularu and Kata Tjuta.

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