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June 15th 2014
Published: June 19th 2014
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We checked into the motel at Erldunda, en route to Alice Springs; cleaned up the campervan ready for handover and had a relaxing awesome wholesome meal at the tavern.

But have you any idea how awesome it is to have a shower that is not located in some cavernous, noisy, draughty; make that icy draughty; wet place where you have to hop around and balance on one foot to keep dry what must stay dry and to not have to rush back 300 metres to the caravan in Antarctic temperatures (don’t let anyone ever tell you it is hot in the desert) and when you get there be super quiet and have super night vision because knee-hi’s are sleeping. I’m not complaining, just so grateful for a lovely cosy shower and a spacy room and a hubby to cuddle into without creaking awake a cabin full of folks.

We had lunch at Mt Ebenheser Roadhouse, but our own in the cabin; none of us were keen on oil used 99 times already. We noticed the hat prices were half that in Yulara Village, but we are still without Aus hats, We remain pleased that the Aussies are so good to their pets. So many seem to travel with and take their animals on holidays with them.

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Gotta get me one of theseGotta get me one of these
Gotta get me one of these

His oupa still hasn't got himself one
Dwarfed by these monstersDwarfed by these monsters
Dwarfed by these monsters

20 minutes later there were 5 of them and a road train

19th June 2014
In the outback - Flies rule

Oh yes, this brings back a lot of memories. At first we laughed at people who wore those ridiculous hats with dangling corks and some who had netting covering their faces. Half an hour later we were in the shop buying them ourselves!

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