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In the outback - Flies rule  

In the outback - Flies rule

Flies Rule! Bound for Sydney

June 15th 2014
We checked into the motel at Erldunda, en route to Alice Springs; cleaned up the campervan ready for handover and had a relaxing awesome wholesome meal at the tavern. But have you any idea how awesome it is to have a shower that is not located in some cavernous, noisy, draughty; make that icy draughty; wet place where you have to hop around and balance on one foot to keep dry what must sta ... read more
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Australian Flag Aboriginal settlers arrived on the continent from Southeast Asia about 40,000 years before the first Europeans began exploration in the 17th century. No formal territorial claims were made until 1770, when Capt. James COOK took possession in the name... ... read more
19th June 2014

Oh yes, this brings back a lot of memories. At first we laughed at people who wore those ridiculous hats with dangling corks and some who had netting covering their faces. Half an hour later we were in the shop buying them ourselves!

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